Behind the Orange Curtain Cover


Here is the cover to my Orange County book. I’ve CASUALLY been working on this for YEARS, but don’t really have my heart in it. Orange County really doesn’t light my fire if you know what I mean, so I’m not dreaming about this project. The cover…I know and have.

Wrong font, size and placement but image is what I want. Do I know these people? No. Did I talk to them? No. Do I know what is going on? No. Was I incredibly fortunate the person standing is wearing an ORANGE shirt? Yes. And that is precisely why I like it. It’s just damn strange, like this place. Proof that it pays to carry a camera while on your bike. You just never know.

Morning Coffee Photo

One of my favorite inventions of all time….espresso coffee. You just can’t beat it.
Zeiss, 35mm, f/2 and great, early morning light from the side, highlighting the steam from the coffee. An old cabin chair and the anticipation of what that precious, black fluid will taste like.
I always have a camera with me, and I end up making many of these type images. These are not “done” for anyone, and do not have a specific purpose, at least at the beginning. Where and how they may end up being used….could be about anything, but the point is the pleasure it is to make these type picture. Alone, no assignment, no client, just shooting. Liberating.