Books I Love: Yesterday’s Perfume


The latest installment “Books I Love.” The concept is very simple. Find a book in my collection, photograph it, then share it with you. The idea being to share what I love about the book or why I have it. The books will range from traditionally published, POD and handmade. The only stipulation is that I love the book. Most of them have a backstory, which I will also share. Books and photography are forever linked, so why not explore the relationship through my bookshelf. Hope you enjoy.

In addition to being an epic traveler, writer and composer, Paul Bowles was an influential superstar when it came to the creative world. “Yesterday’s Perfume”, described as “a memoir of friendship” is the blending of lives, loves and relationships through the narrow streets of Tangier. Brought to us by Cherie Nutting, friend of Bowles, who not only weaves the story but also provides us with a variety of stunning imagery.

The book was designed by my friend and uber designer Elizabeth Avedon.