Poem from Mom: Web

Mom just casually dropped this one on me.

Seeking shelter and a place to rest a poem unable to be written weaves in and out my thoughts. I keep thinking you better get it in print or it will find the wind and find no home with you. The sad thing is no one else in the world has it and if you don’t sprinkle it on the page it will become dust on the dirt road of time. The shiny poem pleads with you to take care of it. Shed all that tries to keep you away from it. Do it!

shimmering shiny silver silken threads

driven by the wind

webs hanging on the lifeless fence

randomly swaying to and fro

because they

like mama found no easy place

loose ends


reaching wildly frantically

finding eyes that couldn’t let go

fascinating rhythm of the earth

unnoticed until

she walked through them

webs on her face and arms

she let me imagine

what the sunlight could bring

as it came through the woods

she found time to see them

time to embrace

what she wanted to be woven

through the cloth of our lives

The New Mexico Project

For those of you who are frequent visitors to the ranch I wanted to bring something else to your attention. I recently started a new site based on my ongoing project in New Mexico. Aptly titled, “The New Mexico Project” this site brings a real time look at how I’m approaching this story, and what actually happens along the way. Stills, motion, audio recordings, Blurb Mobile stories, copy, journals…..ALL OF IT.

Now, this idea is very much a departure for me. I normally don’t really show anyone what I’m doing until the project is complete, so sharing feels strange. I’m doing this not for me, nor for you for that matter. I’m doing this to try and get those IN the photographs involved with the project. I have to say, the fact this never occurred to me before is a bit embarrassing, and points to the fact that as a photographer, often times, one needs to be pretty self-centered, just to be able to get things done, at least in the photo-world. Well, as you know, I’m not really a part of the photo-world now, at least in the commercial sense, so I can do things I could not afford to do before.
It struck me one day as I was working in Espanola(small town north of Santa Fe) but my mind was focused on galleries, magazines, publishers, etc, I realized that if the project were to come to light, and I did a show in New York or Los Angeles, the people LEAST likely to ever see it or interact with it were the people right in front of my camera. I realized that WHEN this project is complete, it needs to be shown IN THE PLACES I’M MAKING THE IMAGES.
So, this is the first step.
A favor if you’ll pardon me. If you like the site, hit the follow button and follow along. If you feel like reblogging, then do so, and if not no big deal.
The images in this post are screen grabs of “typical” content.


New Website

Putting my feet up at Machu Picchu.

In the past few weeks, thanks to many others, my following on this site has grown by leaps and bounds. To those of you who linked out to me(Zack and many others), or wrote about me, I wanted to say “thank you.”

I needed to bring something to your attention. This site, in its current form, as you have probably noticed, is a bit wonky. That is because me NEW site is running in the background and will be released in the coming weeks.

I’ve also not been posting nearly as much due to this same situation. I have interviews, posts and stories coming up that I don’t really want to post until the new site is up and running.

Speaking of the new site…the goal was to create something that provided more of a community for us, us meaning you and me. I get many comments, emails, etc, which are great, but also time consuming and slightly wonky to reply to. The new site is a combination blog, image database and community center.

Looking at the future, my site will continue to be about photography, but I also know there is too much going on in the world to only write about photography(Politics, art, writing, bikes, etc). The current method of success with blogs, sites, etc, is to focus solely on ONE thing, topic, etc, but I just can’t do it. Perhaps is my journalism background, need to record everything or my active imagination, not sure. For those of you ONLY looking for photo related things…sorry. For me this intergoogle thing is about my life, not just my work.

I’ve also got a new magazine coming out(Get your work ready to submit), as well as a journal companion book to go with the magazine. I’m also planning on doing a little teaching in the future, not much, just a little, which is something I’ve been getting some requests for. But, much more detail about this stuff when the new baby has been hatched.