Trente Park: Dreamlives

I’m not even sure where to begin with this. First of all, Trent Parke is someone I’ve never met, never spoken to, and I’m not even sure I know anyone who knows him. In fact, I know very little about him, other than the fact that he is, in my humble opinion, one of THE best photographers working today. It appears as if this film has been around for while, but I’ve just come to discover it, so my bad. Every single time I see his work I feel like I connect with it. He tells great stories and is able to read and utilize light as well as any photographer I’ve seen. You might think this is a no-brainer, but I’m amazed at how much work I see being made in less than optimal lighting conditions. Yes, we all have to do it, but given the option, I’d always rather work when the light is adding something to the image rather than subtracting.

Now, in regard to this film. I’m not sure what I like better, Trent’s imagery or the fact that Australians race goats. I love the guy that says, “Don’t squeeze the goats,” as if this would be high on the list of the participants. And, they have KIDS doing the racing. In the United States there would have been 4000 police on the street, you would have had to pay to get in, and kids would have been barred, not to mention the animal rights people shutting this down before it even began. And if this isn’t enough, the kids are not only wearing helmets, they are actually wearing what looks to be satin covers on their helmets, which just about set me over the edge.

All I know is, I need to get to Australia as soon as possible.

This film is also about Narelle Autio and how the pair works together on projects. I LOVE the fact they are shooting around where they live, and how connected they seem to their native surroundings. I don’t have this same feeling about where I live, so I’m a bit jealous here. I also LOVE the fact they have a sense of humor.

Again, I NEED to go to Australia. I grew up, partly anyway, in the open spaces of America and there is something about the open spaces of Australia that are PULLING my brain off target and on to a map of this foreign land. I have no set plans, only grumbling thoughts that will undermine my otherwise good intentions in life.

Hope you enjoy.

PS: I wrote this post yesterday, and then watched a part of this film again today and it is driving me crazy. In a good way.

Trent Parke – Dreamlives (2002) – Australian Story from L8n W. on Vimeo.