Art in the mail…..

I’m a lucky guy. I have very talented and creative friends, some of whom are wedded to the physical or analog world. Nothing against the electronic world…I live there too, but there really is something special about acquiring, being given or even stealing something tactile and physical.
So a week or so ago I picked up my mail and discovered that my old buddy Michael Napper, LA artist/photographer/writer/camera collector/ and generally decent human being had sent me something. I opened this thing and just sat there staring at it. Part letter, part correspondence, part artwork, part caffeine stained masterpiece. I realized immediately I could not cement this in one of my books. It was simply too good. This one I needed to share. So, I took it over to the framer and had this baby floated and framed. My wife and I have already had one argument as to where this thing will live, which I feel is the sign of something being truly significant.
People, the computer is great. The digital world is great. But making something physical is just different and still holds a certain relevance that I feel goes far beyond the pixel. Again, not pointing fingers here, drawing a line in the sand, choosing sides or stirring the pot. Just look at this thing. When I see or receive something like this is makes me actually FEEL something. I physically FEEL it happening to me. To be fair, I saw something online this morning that had a similar impact, so it can happen in any form of delivery. Good work, at least in my opinion, is about this physical feeling. I have the feeling when I make the work and I hope my audience has their feeling when they view the work.