Most of the blogs I read, about photography anyway, are either way too technical, too sales tooly or too phony, but occasionally I find a blog that hits home.

Ross is an interesting dude, wicked smart, but also well versed in the art/design/history/photography world, but most importantly, he has a sense of HUMOR.



Main Entry:
\ˈhyü-mər, ˈyü-\
Middle English humour, from Anglo-French umor, umour, from Medieval Latin & Latin; Medieval Latin humor, from Latin humor, umor moisture; akin to Old Norse vǫkr damp, Latin humēre to be moist, and perhaps to Greek hygros wet
14th century

3 a: that quality which appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous b: the mental faculty of discovering, expressing, or appreciating the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous c: something that is or is designed to be comical or amusing

His blog touches on a range of items, and just has the feel that it is the same as the paper version he might be carrying around with him. When I talk to “industry” people, they often complain of “oh geez, I don’t read blogs because there are too many and they just aren’t interesting.” I think this is because most blogs are not honest. In my opinion, a blog is like a journal, so if you can’t write it like you would your journal, then why bother?

In addition, Ross is a very talented photographer, who works in a unique way, and also has a recognizable style, something that is difficult to find in today’s photo-world.

His humor lives in his pictures. So, check out the blog, and check out his site. And he has Canadian hair.