Books I Love: “Voyages” by Raymond Depardon


Hey folks,

My first installment of a new series titled “Books I Love.” The concept is very simple. Find a book in my collection, photograph it, then share it with you. The idea being to share what I love about the book or why I have it. The books will range from traditionally published, POD and handmade. The only stipulation is that I love the book. Most of them have a backstory, which I will also share. Books and photography are forever linked, so why not explore the relationship through my bookshelf. Hope you enjoy. This first installment features photographer Raymond Depardon and his brilliant book “Voyages.”

Photo Book Friday

No, this isn’t a new theme I’m embarking on, but it just happens to be Friday and I looked across and saw this book.

Voyages by Raymond Depardon

In short, a great book.

Now its gonna hurt to look at this thing because Mr. Depardon has lived a real life. Actually, I think he has lived several lives, all interesting, and made images all along the way.

The book is so simple and so good. It makes you want to just sit and look and wonder what was going on. The book is timeless.

I think for anyone wanting to get into photography who has a passion for travel and documentary this is a great place to start.