Blurb Presentation Boxes

I’ve had a fair number of people ask about these Blurb presentation boxes. As you will see, these are fabricated by a company called Process Supplies in London. I purchased three different sizes, have used one so far as you can see by the attached images.

I’m sure there are other outlets for products like this if you are willing to do a little online searching, and I also think it well worth your time to build your own. Customizing books and their packaging is something I’m intrigued by, and also puzzled by how little I see this being done. Kudos to those are who doing it.

Upcoming Santa Fe Blurb Presentations

Dateline Santa Fe:

Attention all photography and photobook people. I will be descending on the quiet, unsuspecting, high-desert locale of Santa Fe to dazzle the local population in regard to all things book and all things Blurb. Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but I am scheduled to give two presentations in regard to “How to Make a Book that Works.”

This presentation is for anyone with an interest in photography, editing, sequencing and basic design, or anyone with an interest in making their own book. This is primarily centered around Blurb, but I will share any and all info I have in regard to these topics.

If I had to classify my presentations I would describe them as an open dialogue(Yes, you must talk to me.) with a Keynote presentation running the entire spine. These presentations are open to the public so bring your friends, colleagues or anyone else you see with a camera or book.

The Santa Fe Photographic Workhops
were kind enough to host these events, so when buying your holiday gifts don’t forget to add them, and me, to your list(I want a BB gun.)

If you are sitting there shaking your head and saying, “I don’t know about this crackpot Milnor and his photo-mambo-jambo,” you can see other book related posts at the links below. Bring your books, your attention span and your sense of humor and I’ll see you there.

Dates are July 27th and August 3rd. This is the link to time and place….Santa Fe Workshops.

Flemming Bo Jensen, Blurb 6×9

Tips for Cover Design

Blurb 6×9 Revolution