Because I Can: The Postcard Book


Hey Folks,

This is the latest post in the “Because I Can” series about making Blurb books in an edition of ONE. Yes, you heard and read correctly. I’m making books with the intention of capping the print run at ONE book. Why? BECAUSE I CAN. We have really only had this option since about 2006, yet photographers ALREADY seem to take this for granted. I know, there is so much change on a daily basis that we are perpetually thirsty for the new, always wanting the latest and greatest. I get it. However, I for one cannot overlook the power in having the ability to make a single book. I wrote about this in a previous post, so if you want the background then go back and have a look. I pulled a selection from that prior post to set the table for this one. This is a series people. I’ve made at least a dozen books already and have eighteen more in the pipeline.

This book was created after overhearing a conversation between two young girls in a Japanese stationary store. They came across postcard material and said “Remember these? I really miss getting these in the mail.” Then they spoke about “giving up” and going with email. I asked myself “Why?” Why do we do this to ourselves. We give in, give up, cave to what is happening these days, as if we don’t have a choice. This book was crafted from found post cards, scanned front and back. Postcards were then sleeved and inserted into airmail envelopes.



A Must Read

For ANY photographer or filmmaker this is something you should read. This article is about the film world, but is mirrored in the still world. And when I say mirrored, I mean mirrored.

This is not a popular opinion, or angle, because the bulk of our industry is being driven by companies supporting and driving what is new. But, if you are the creator, you need to know this stuff.

We are at the tip of the iceberg and are moving in a direction that will usher in the end of many “front end” people as the “fix it in post” world grows stronger and stronger.

This article is a reminder to NEVER compromise when it comes to creating the original. The work you put in, the style you create, has a lot to do with how long the project will live.

Beware of trading short-term speed for long-term life.