Todd Hido

In short, Todd is great and you should watch this. When it comes to moody imagery Hido is one of the first photographers I think of. He is also one of the most copied, or attempted to be copied, photographers I’ve ever seen. I have such admiration for anyone who can produce immediately recognizable imagery, and when I see his work I know it’s his within seconds of seeing that first image. I was recently at a group show that was leaving me…how should I say…less than enthusiastic about myself, photography, life in general and the even the lousy parking situation I had to endure to even get in the show, when suddenly I looked across the room and noticed two of Todd’s images. I just went “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” And it’s not like Todd shoots warm, fuzzy imagery, but what he does shoot has meaning and FEEL, and that was what I needed at that precise moment.

Todd Hido from Pier 24 Photography on Vimeo.

In addition to his photographic talent, the guys knows books, and sequencing, and editing and publications in general, and when I say this I don’t mean just HIS books I mean he has a working knowledge of the entire history of illustrated books. So when you see a book of Todd’s you know that it looks and feels the way it does based on a variety of factors, history and knowledge. Take some time and watch this film, look him up online and learn a little something.