Bookmakers I Like: Paul Gero


This is a new series I’m very excited about. Nobody was asking for this series, but I’m doing it for two reasons. First, to compile a series of black and white, 6×6 portraits of Blurb bookmakers. Second, I wanted to learn a bit more about filmmaking. These are sixty-second films. That’s it. They are purposely short, provided simply as a taste of who this person is and what this person does. Not to mention sixty-seconds is the new four minutes. I don’t last much longer than two minutes when I find a YouTube flick. I tested myself over the last three videos and 1:50 was the most amount of time I spent before fast forwarding then realizing I was fast forwarding and then felt remorseful for not really paying attention. So, I’m guessing you might have some of the same issues.These films will get better once I have a better understanding of software, sound, editing, etc.
This first flick features long time friend Paul Gero. And his fantastic book.