Photoshop Test: See if you can spot the difference….

Okay people a little test for you here. I’ve been practicing my Photoshop skills and wanted to get public feedback. All I’m asking is if you can see the difference between these two images. SOMETHING is different between the two. I’ve been working on my masking and think I have it about perfected. You have to look CLOSELY. I’m going do a screen flow tutorial on the “how to.”

Palm Springs Photo Festival

Someone asked me, “Hey, how as the festival?” I thought about it, tried to figure out how best to answer and then realized the obvious.

“Where else can you talk photography and books at 3:30AM?” In short, this kinda sums up the entire event. The PSPF is simply unique to the United States. Where else can you get symposiums, seminars, lectures, nightly projections, nightly parties as well as workshops from photographers who simply do not teach anywhere else. The event is intimate and set in a location that offers everything from high desert mountains to the Salton Sea and beyond. Want to take a nude workshop from Ralph Gibson or Robert Maxwell, yep, there’s that too. How about showing your book to a curator, gallery owner or art buyer? Yes, you can do that too.

This entire event is the brain child of Los Angeles based photographer Jeff Dunas who has a background in photography unique to my experience. Because of this background he can pull off an event like this. And for those of you who don’t know, this event isn’t something that comes together last minute. This is a year-long expedition, complete with massive crew and logistical needs that go well beyond what you might imagine.

Think about this. On the way home, my wife and I were discussing the festival. Neither one of us heard a single complaint about ANYTHING. Not even hotel parking! Come on people, we are photographers, we LOVE to complain and yet I can’t remember a single whimpering gasp.

These images are a superficial peak at a few of the smaller moments. You have daylight panel discussion, nighttime gatherings, poolside parties, a few working photographers and Thomas Michael Alleman showing off his Blurb book.(You knew the plug was coming.)

If you are a photographer and want something different, come to this festival. If you are LA-based and haven’t been, please send me a letter and explain??? I’m puzzled. Unless you are working nonstop and then by all means. Or you are having 22-inch spinners installed on your blacked out Escalade.

And if you are still on the fence….just think about this……

Anthony Bannon, David Fahey, Frish Brandt, Gerd Ludwig, Holly Hughes, James Whitlow Delano(Finally got to meet him), Kevin Miller, Lisa Kerezi, Lise Sarfati, Mary Virginia Swanson, Michelle Dunn Marsh, Nigel Parry, Robert Klein, Ron Haviv, Shelby Lee Adams, Weston Naef, Robert Maxwell, Ralph Gibson, etc, etc. And these are A FEW of the people attending, teaching, speaking, etc.

You know me people, I’m jaded, and yet for an entire week my veil of jade is lifted and I’m allowed to just be in the world of photography(And work in the Blurb cabana suite, yes I said “Cabana Suite” it IS Palm Springs after all.) In fact, on the way home I told my wife, “I might try to show work next year,” and for a moment I thought she might dive out of the car but her shock was so great she was frozen in her attempt to grab the door handle.

For the next week or so I will actually feel slight depression as I do my best to ween myself off of the festival atmosphere. Thank you to Jeff Dunas and to the entire crew of the PSPF…….you nailed it once again.

Leica Workshop Palm Springs

Yes, it is official, I’m co-teaching a Leica workshop in Palm Springs. Justin Stailey, @justinstailey, is doing most of the heavy lifting. I’m in the back of the room trying to sound smart by repeating things Justin already said. Believe it or not, after all these years of using this equipment, I THINK this is my first official participation in a Leica workshop. I have to say, it’s really damn fun. And, Leica does a nice job of packaging for students. Folders with the entire class offering, in perfect black on black Leica style.

Not to mention the hats, the bags and the notepad, again branded with that Leica style. If you think this stuff isn’t important, think again. The key here is the thought behind this. What are you, as a student, gonna want when you leave? The hat and bag are great, shows your brand appreciation, but more importantly you have the entire classwork program in your folder for future reference. My guess, you could sell these on Ebay and people would pony up for them. Don’t do this by the way.

In addition to Mr. Stailey, both Ebi and Mary Joe from Leica are also here teaching, training and offering their knowledge of forty-five plus years of Leica experience. Let me repeat that….45 years. These Leica folks are a different breed because Leica is a different brand. Leicas are more than cameras, which is something that drives some people crazy, but yet brings millions more into the Leica fold. As you know, I fell into the Leica fold in or around 1989, so I can’t speak objectively about this.

Time flies here as the tech specs are replaced by the shooting specs, which are then replaced by actual shooting. I’m here to show a little work, provide the reasoning behind why I use this particular flavor of camera and to provide whatever other advice they can pull from me. Oh, I also got a Leica hat…did I mention that? I’m not saying Leica is a cult, but I cried when I got the hat.

As you can see, there is a line of M9’s bodies behind me, which are calling my name. Students are able to borrow these babies, and lenses, testing the water for what will next land in their shoulder bags.
If you get a chance to take one of these workshops, go for it.