The Notebook Continues…..

Someone asked me about how I use these books. I know I recently did a post in regard to using one of these books when I’m doing a long-term project, but I also use them on a daily basis for the mess that is the rest of my life. In fact, I would be completely and uttering lost without these books. In short, I put everything in them. Everything. These current books are Blurb, Daniel, life, work, play, thoughts,etc. As you can see by these images, my books are not about art. I have friends who make journals that are truly objects to behold. My books are not like that. My books are basic nuts and bolts of life, rife with things like to-do lists, photographs from current projects and articles and stories that get forwarded my way. The PRIMARY importance of my book is the actual writing. You will see that I have typed sections, which I have begun to do because I am on the computer SO MUCH these days. Couple this with the fact my handwriting is truly some of the worst I have ever encountered and you will know why I am using the computer. Another question I get is whether or not I reference these books at a later date, and my response is “absolutely.” I use them on a regular basis. I can’t go into the details but these books have been CRITICAL with certain projects in the past. But there is a secret to success with these books, at least in my opinion. The secret is to write in these books as if no one will ever see it. You can’t hold back. If you hold back and are afraid to really write what you think, there is no point in even keeping a notebook, journal, diary or whatever you want to call it. Writing without holding back is a therapy for me. I’ve never been to therapy but I would imagine it’s a lot like what I do when I sit down, pen in hand, trying to clear my head or make sense of what is happening in my life. The pace of life today is as fast as I’ve ever experienced, which makes writing in these books that much more difficult and consequently that much more important. My suggestion, give it a try. Don’t think about anyone else, just get a cheap book, a pencil and start with whatever thought first enters you mind. From there, it’s all downhill.

Photo Notes: The Photographer's Companion

The Photographers Companion

I was in Perpignan France for Visa Pour L’Image, years ago, and an older, very famous photographer was giving me a few minutes of his time. “Look, photography is great,” he said, “But make sure you write everything down.”
Luckily for me, I was ahead on this particular idea. I’ve been keeping a notebook, not a journal per say, but just a book, for years and years. I carry this book with me, all day, everyday, and can’t imagine going anywhere without it.
I write down my lists, ideas, thoughts, etc, but I also will detail conversations, events, happenings, observations, etc, and you have no idea how handy this can be.
First of all, you remember far more of what you write down than what you try to memorize. You think you are going to remember the conversations, the details, but things can fade quickly and having these notes can be critical.
I think keeping a book also forces you to confront what you have seen and to slow down enough to figure out what happened. It makes you recollect and reflect.
So, I’ve included a sample of one of my books, this one a craft brown, moleskin notebook. I have used many, many different kinds of books, but this one tends to be a very nice size and easy to carry. The photo you see is a 5×5 print to give you an example of the book size.
What I do is take my current work, edit it, then print the selects and keep them in the books to have somewhat of a visual look at what I’m doing at the moment. These books for me are not art, not even close, and believe me I have friends who also keep books which are magnificent pieces of stand-alone artwork. I’m not in that category. The most important aspect for me is the writing, which at times is like torture, but at this point, writing like this is crucial to my being able to function. Not sure why but I know it to be so.