Near and Fargo: New Mexico Dawn Patrol 20140902

“I hope I run into the bear on a downhill,” I thought as I rounded the blind corner in a tuck and in the drops. The trash cans along the road had been turned over, sorted through and consumed. Bear country. At 30mph I might just glide by, but in the steep sections I was moving so slowly I could see the individual knobbies on my front tire.

Maybe my flashing headlight would lull Mr. Bear into a trance and allow my passage without complaint. Or send he or she off into the brush at warp speed. As it turned out, no bear. Not today. Perhaps they too were hungover after the holiday weekend, food drunk on sloppy campsite dweller trash. Up early today, before the sun, an extra thermal layer to protect my fragile, shrinking body. Nobody on the road. The sun rimming the Sangres.
Although I ride with others, for the most part, riding is a solitary pursuit. I like being alone, on my own, and at the mercy of the environment. I daydream, visualize and talk to myself. When I my legs burn and feel tired I pedal harder, just to see what happens and if I can recover. I’ve ridden this route many times. It’s somewhere between 23 and 27 miles but the GPS always cuts out and says “Sorry, not really sure how far you went.”
That’s okay. It’s just an idea more than a challenge. It’s simply about being out. Long rolling downhills, steep uphills and the shadow cast as the sun peaks the mountains and lights up the path in a vibrant yellow swath. I watch my own form, and that of the bike, as they roams the rock, dirt and high desert scrub. Coasting and looking. Waiting for what lives around the bend.

Two Minutes


Look closely in the middle, spotted perch.



Saturday morning. Making my weekly phone calls.

Mother, brother, sister, a few others. Walking on the beach, light has already gone, camera still in my bag. Not even thinking of shooting.

And then I turn south. A haze that stops me. Light is harsh but filtered. A depth is happening in front of me. Foreground, midground, background.

“Gotta call you back.”

Poof I take picture.

Two minutes later I’m done. Camera back in bag, move on.

Day Two: Dynamite

So this morning we learned that Batman and Superman are not immune to fighting over rent money.

We also learned where coffee came from, and that under no circumstances does Dynamite require coffee in the morning.

“I’m not grown up yet,” was his reason.

My reason is obvious from these photos.

We also learned Aunt Amy loves his little square feet and wants time to play with them. Just roll with it.

We both pee standing up. Got that out of the way.

And I think, from now on, the name, “Uncle Danno” has been engraved in little boy stone. That’s me.

I can now hear “Cars” in the background, followed by giggles, cheers, laughing. The TV has the same effect on all of us.

I was actually thinking I was going to have a normal life today, get some work done this morning, clean off my one remaining computer, but I realize now just how unrealistic even THINKING this was.

“Do you know I needed ten hours of sleep after spending a day with you?” Aunt Amy said to Dynamite.

All she got was a grin in return.

Day two. Lock and load.

Observations of a Morning Ride

– it is a beautiful day

-not sure what economy is bad because the high school let out and there was nothing but new cars leaving the lot

-all student drivers were on cell phones, most of them expensive blackberry type phones

-not a single student was using a headset or hands free device

-not a single driver got pulled over or ticketed

-people on cell phones drive like they are drunk

-the air off the ocean is cold but crisp and nice

-A LOT of people still smoke, kids too

-many smokers, who would typically never litter, seem to have no problem throwing their butts out the window, on the sidewalk or even on the beach. Can someone explain this to me?

-I love running errands on my bike, it not only feels good, it is fun. I wish more people did it.

-holiday decorations look funny when it is 75 and sunny.

-there was not a cloud in the sky

-there are A LOT of security company vehicles out and about. Park patrol. Neighborhood patrol. Police patrol. Beach patrol. What the heck for?

-the solitude of winter is nice, even when it is 75 and sunny.