Matej Sitar: America, My Way

So I got this email. “Hey, I listened to your webinar with Photoshelter and learned a lot.” “I’ve got this project, will you think about featuring it on your site.” “You probably get a million requests.”

The short of it is I don’t get a lot of requests, and if I like something I run it. And I like this book. I also love what the project is about and how the actual object is put together. It reminds me of a book/portfolio I have from Ernesto Bazan.

A few links to get you started.

This project is in the crowdfunding stage at Verkami.

There is a blog.

And the museum of art in Vienna has also come in with a piece in regard.

Like many things these days it pays to keep multiple irons in multiple fires. The GREAT thing about being a photographer today is that you have options, choices, tools and platforms BEGGING to be used creatively.

And here is the story behind the book. This part of the puzzle is fascinating to me.

Project description:

The goal of the project is the publication of a limited edition artist photo book of Polaroids I took on my journey in America. The title of the series is America, my way. It concentrates on selected moments of the journey, rather than on the American landscape. I have been on the road for 2 months and drove 15.000 km from Seattle to San Diego and again up to the Yukon. The series presents an intimate view of the experiences a visitor had in a foreign country. The series has been presented in various exhibitions in Europe, USA and it also won 3 awards.

About the book:

The book will be published in an edition of 750. All books will be hand numbered and signed by me. There will be 3 staple bound booklets in a foldable box case. I decided to create 3 different journeys across the country instead of one book with more images in it. In each book there are pictures which are the same in every book (9) and then there are the changing pictures (30) that can be seen as the vast amount of possibilities that a journey can offer. Also if you open all the booklets on the same page, this alternative pictures function as triptychs, forming a unity.

All books will be equipped with an ISBN number.

I have been very fortunate to have James R. Reeves write the accompanying intro.

Technical specifications about the book:

3 staple bound booklets in a case.
Case: Mohawk via felt Dark Chocholate, 350g with laser etched title.
Cover: Mohawk via felt Jute, 220g
Inside: Mohawk via felt natural, 220g

Special edition:

Book with laser engraved dedication on the inside of the foldable book case + print 60×60 (reserved for book numbers 40-150)

Collector’s edition:

Book with laser engraved dedication on the inside of the foldable case + original sx-70 Polaroid, signed on the back (reserved for book numbers 1-39)

All prints go on a first come first serve basis. The sooner you pledge, the more options you have when selecting a picture. When the funding time on Verkami ends, I will go through the pledgers list and contact each one so he can select his picture.


Where does the money go?

The main part of the money will be for publishing the 3 booklets, each in an edition of 750, the paper and production of the box case. The rest will go for the laser engraving, following the fees for the text and the design.

There are many projects like this churning out there in the photography/art world, and they are being done by a range of people in a range of places both known and unknown.

A project like this is about photography, yes, but ultimately it’s about a lot more. A life, a voyage, an unknown territory, materials, an object and the journey of producing the artifact. Hope you enjoy.