The Leica File: Fourteen


A few years ago I completed a four-city tour documenting dogs and graffiti. This project started out harmless enough but then snowballed into a full on project. Featured here is an image from the New York portion of the project. All four of these books are available online, however, I’m actually in the process of editing all four books into ONE magazine piece which I will release in the coming weeks. This entire project was made with the Leica and Tmax 3200. Since the four city project I’ve also added pieces from Panama and Peru, which I will probably feature at a later date. Enjoy.

The Leica File Thirteen

Hey folks, a little something different here. I’ve posted this image before, as part of a story about my travels to Peru. I am by no means a landscape photographer, but there is something about this image that I absolutely love. I wanted to explain what this is, and also how this image fits into the realities of covering something like the Amazon with a Leica rangefinder. Please follow the “travels” link above and see how this image fits into the overall context of the photo-essay. Also, listen to the Macaw soundtrack again, if you haven’t before because one of the surprising things about the Amazon is how loud it is.

Peru black and white. 2011

Napper: Los Angeles

I was recently able to get a few minutes with friend and fellow artist/photographer Michael Napper who happens to call Los Angeles home. We are working on “something” together, so stay tuned to your trusty Smogranch for emerging details. It involves photography, art and the all powerful book.

We always end up photographing each other, so this was my favorite image from this particular day.

Napper is one of those guys I find wildly inspiring. Given time and resources he is a dangerous character, the type who in the olden days would have been condemned, hunted and ultimately captured by the crown. We NEED these people because when I look at American culture I see a sleeping giant waiting for a chance to reemerge from the slumber of the strip mall and fast-food chain. We all talk about change, especially these days during the Hell that is campaign season. “We really need change” the pundits say, with ZERO meaning or accountability, so our collective soul, and future, rests in the hands of the creative type.

Michael writes painfully well, paints, sketches and has the photography affliction. And he makes a lot of work, which I find the ultimate jab in the neck.

On a serious note. If you haven’t seen his site, or work, take a look. Well worth it.

Lucie Awards: Los Angeles

David Burnett accepting his award.

Recently attended the Lucie Awards in Los Angeles and was able to make a few photographs. This is a yearly event which brings in big names from across the industry. Great to see Blurb user Arthur Tress, as well as Douglass Kirkland, Greg Gorman, David Alan Harvey, David Burnett, Brigitte Lacombe Jessica Lange and Joel Meyerowitz to name a few.

Kirkland, Fetterman and Burnett.

Joel Meyerowitz

David Alan Harvey celebrating with Douglass Kirkland and Greg Gorman.

What Gets me Through

These are not great images but they are what gets me through. Always moving here and there. I need an outlet for the constant pull of the viewfinder. Like a sketch book, things to remember for later, or a list of visual notes. I snap here. I snap there. I don’t proclaim these as anything, other than necessary, and perhaps one day their addition will add up to something meaningful. Like a fortune teller’s cards or bones or stones. Toss them and see what you can see. No pressure with these, at all. In some ways the actual photograph holds the smallest value in the equation, losing out to things like walking, exploring, retreating or escaping. These are my little secret. A hidden life. My inside joke. A seven day trip. Work. This running dialogue is my intermission. A time to stretch. Deep breath. My mind wanders and starts again. Engage, disengage.

What gets me through.
understanding, know that I’ve won
countless times wary
barrel of the gun
clear film from above
lose it all, even what I love
tropic of cancer
vignette of this of that
solitude is sanctuary
where do you go?
it’s not what you do
what gets me through