Bookmakers I Like: Luc Heasley

Behold the latest installment of the ongoing series “Bookmakers I Like.” This particular vignette features long time friend Luc Heasley who makes his living with his hands. He also uses wood, glue, a pencil, a few different saws and a variety of other things I can’t describe or understand. Luc and I are working on a project together and unbeknownst to me he made a Blurb book, which happens to be the criteria for me doing a film about you. Well, actually, his girlfriend made the book, but he benefits by default.

His work ranges from what appears to be the simple(to my entirely untrained eye.) to the complex and sophisticated. All I know for sure is that when I look at what Luc makes I know I could never match it even if I knew what I was doing, but I don’t, which settles that point once and for all. Now, I did make a bookshelf in shop class in 1984, something I still have, but there isn’t a real right angle on the entire thing. It’s a miracle it works at all, and this little unsightly beast was enough to steer me away from using my hands. (Yes, a variety of jokes would apply here.)

As we get further and further into the “Digital Age” I, and apparently many, many others, have a growing appreciation for all things made my hand, all things crafted and sans computer assistance. I also have great appreciation for things that last, and both of these loves are covered with the artifacts that Luc is creating and ultimately leaving behind. Will an invading army find my digital files? Will the archeologists of the future sort the rubble of what was once Santa Fe and unearth my laptop? Maybe, but I really hope not. I’d hate to bore future people. But what they will find, I’m guessing, is the kind of stuff that Luc is creating.
Personally, I took one look at what he was making and immediately began scheming to see how I could collaborate with him. We’ve come up with two projects.

Stay tuned Smogranch reader, stay tuned.