Blurb Pop Up New York City + London

Hey kids, wanted to bring your attention to something. Blurb is putting on a series of events at Pop Up stores in a variety of locations. New York and London are on tap at the moment. The concept of the Pop Up is an intriguing one to me, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing these physical locations.

If you check the schedule of events you will see a hefty lineup of book people, art people and photography people. You will see lectures, parties, and events. Also, if you look closely, toward the end of the New York space, you will see a name you might recognize from this blog……I’ll be doing two programs, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

If you haven’t been to a Blurb event before, you should go, just to check out how they operate. I stood at the entrance of an LA event several weeks back and watched the faces of the attendees coming in. They would freeze, looking around slowly and say, “Man, this is COOOOL.”



A Few More Pictures of Me in a Neverending Stream





I’m going to post as many photos of me as humanly possible from here on out.

Streaming me, streaming all the time, streaming on demand. Sign up now for your continual barrage of all Dan, all damn day, all the time.

These are from a recent trip. You gotta guess where. The giant drink I’m having should give it away.

First four people who email comments get……nothing….but you will be the first four.


Hey Campers,

I wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming Blurb workshops. A great series, with some fun people showing fun things.

SUBJECT: Blurb Photography Book Workshop series

This June we’re hosting the Blurb Photography Book Workshop series, featuring photographer Dan Milnor, graphic designer Bob Aufuldish, and Lightroom guru Jerry Courvoisier. In these 4-hour workshops you’ll learn about the principals of book design, editing your images in Lightroom for optimum results, and how to use Blurb books to promote your work.

You can also participate in a photography book review prior to the workshop. Having your work reviewed is NOT a requirement to attend the workshops. Once you purchase a ticket for the photography book review, we’ll contact you to set up a specific time to review your work.

Photography book reviews begin at 4:00 pm; the workshop kicks off at 6:00 pm (expect it to last until about 10:00 pm).

All the details are below, and we hope to see you there.

San Francisco – RSVP at

New York – RSVP at

London – RSVP at

Chicago – RSVP at