The Leica File Thirteen

Hey folks, a little something different here. I’ve posted this image before, as part of a story about my travels to Peru. I am by no means a landscape photographer, but there is something about this image that I absolutely love. I wanted to explain what this is, and also how this image fits into the realities of covering something like the Amazon with a Leica rangefinder. Please follow the “travels” link above and see how this image fits into the overall context of the photo-essay. Also, listen to the Macaw soundtrack again, if you haven’t before because one of the surprising things about the Amazon is how loud it is.

Peru black and white. 2011

The Leica File: Eleven

It had been a while since I checked in with a Leica File installment, so I thought I would serve one up right before the holiday. I really love this photograph. It might be because it is one of the only decent images I made the entire week, or it could be really good. That is up to you to decide. All I can say is that this place at that moment felt right. I believe you can feel images before they happen, and when I got out of my car I felt there was something coming. It was only a matter of watching, waiting and then pouncing when the moment was right.

The Leica File: 10

Yes we have officially survived to the tenth episode of The Leica File. I know that some of you are sobbing with joy at the mere mention of this fact. What’s not to love? My nasally voice, a cheap cover image and presentation so slick it’s like verbal ice.

This episode takes us along a dusty ride through the back alley of rural New Mexico. James, contemporary well-drilling marvel and his high wire act expose us to the danger of the modern frontier. Shot with the trusty M6 and 35mm lens. Be careful or you might get some on you.