Your Friday Gift: More Photos of Me

Yes, just what was lacking here at Smogranch, more photos of me. This time as I navigate the gritty streets of Salt Lake City, a place just as strange as the rumors that surround it. Normally I hire a crew to follow me around filming every moment from my eyes opening in the morning until they close once again late, late, late at night, or morning or however you want to describe that. But my crew was off duty filming a pop star who was dropped into the South American jungle in an attempt to reach lost relatives.

At my side in Salt Lake was Kent, otherwise known as “Style Wagon.” Kent works at Blurb, but is a man of many talents. Photography, art, fashion, danger and high-octane cocktails.Kent makes a lot of strange things, and he makes them on a regular basis. You never what form of capture device he will be sporting. Normal, not-so-normal or truly abstract. He was paired down in Salt Lake, choosing only a bulky Polaroid of some sort and a tiny 35mm loaded with color from the former Soviet Union. It was cold, we were puzzled by it all and we had no plan whatsoever.







And a photo of the man behind these odd assortment of color tidbits.


And finally, the “artifact” I produced from my time on the streets. An artifact that sits on a pile of other artifacts probably never to be seen again.