Countdown to Peru 2013: iPhone One

Last year was the first time I used my iPhone to make images while on a trip. Yes, I’d used the iPhone before, but I tried to use it to make something cohesive during my time teaching in Peru. The workshop experience for the person teaching isn’t like the experience of the person taking the workshop. My mind, as the instructor, is occupied by where students are, what they are doing, how I can help them and how to illustrate certain things in the field. I don’t use the iPhone anymore, but I leaned a lot from using it. I have a few other posts with more of these images on the way. These images are somewhat alluring in a strange way, so if you are an iPhone lover or phone-photography lover there is an absolute goldmine waiting for you in South America.
For those of you who are wondering about this series of posts about my upcoming workshops I’m doing these to try and illustrate what these trips are really like. I’ve taken workshops in the past, I’ve sat in on a variety of others and I’m now able to see much of what goes on in many others due to things like You Tube. Peru is a trip, not just a workshop. My opinion is if you get too tunnel visioned on the imagery you will miss the point of being in South America. Yes, the imagery is important but there is A LOT more to life than photography, something I am REALLY beginning to understand more and more the further away I get from being a professional photographer. Personally, I think about Peru all the time, almost on a daily basis. In many cases I see images in my mind, not these cell phone images by the way, but I remember sounds, food, people, moments, etc. This will be my third trip to Peru but I am nowhere near understanding the place, the people, etc. It’s too vast, too complex, too diverse, etc, so the challenge is right there in front of me waiting to be tapped once again.

We have a winner

Election night.

This is a strange little country we live in and election night, like Halloween, the Hawaiian Tropic bikini contest and Zombiewalk all bring out the best in us. I can’t help but look at the bright side, the positive, the glimmer of hope. Kids love Halloween, the second place contestant in the bikini contest is still a winner in my book, zombies are slow and beg to be killed and election night ultimately produces a “winner” we get to live with, enjoy, mock and humiliate for AT LEAST four years. What’s not to like?

I do what I always do, shoot a few snaps for posterity.

Blurb Calgary Photo Safari

I broke my rule about using my iPhone to make images, but these were made during yesterday’s photo safari in Calgary. I can’t really shoot during these events because I’m talking most of the time, giving tips about light, timing, composition, working as a photographer and other general ideas. So, the phone works for this, and I can get them out in real time, at least when my phone is working.

iPhone + Lightroom + Blurb = Book

Dear faithful blog friends,

A lot has happened in recent weeks. I ventured 6218 miles south to visit Uruguay. I made photographs with my iPhone. Blurb and Adobe partnered to create a book module within Lightroom 4. And you know what all this means? It means that Uncle Danno made another book. So, I thought I would share a little audio information in regard to all these new things. Have a look, have a listen and hit me up if you have any questions.