Books I Love: I Sell Fish


The latest installment “Books I Love.” The concept is very simple. Find a book in my collection, photograph it, then share it with you. The idea being to share what I love about the book or why I have it. The books will range from traditionally published, POD and handmade. The only stipulation is that I love the book. Most of them have a backstory, which I will also share. Books and photography are forever linked, so why not explore the relationship through my bookshelf. Hope you enjoy.

This is the first installment of this little series to feature a Blurb book. Now don’t go thinking I’m just a homer. I see plenty of tragic books coming through the halls of Blurb, but I also see many that are worthy of our attention. Remember, I don’t care how it was made. If I like it I’ll feature it. This book was one of the first that allowed me to see the creative freedom I had when it came to making my own book. I was no longer trapped under the warm blanket of conventional publishing or the learned behavior I was so fond of allowing to control my life. “I Sell Fish” was a slap in the creative face. This book reached out, poked me in the eye and said “Stop doing what you think you are supposed to do and start doing what you FEEL like doing.”