The Look


This is what a typical “set” looks like on Flickr, and for some reason, I really like it. Simple clean, etc.

I have never liked thumbnails, but when you can see them all as a page, I like it. What I don’t like is the Flickr navigation with one image at a time, at full size.

Wish there was a better way.

Go See This Show




So I’m highly recommending this show. Trust me. Go.

Michael Napper photographs. Just look at these things and tell me you don’t want to see the rest.

I’ve known Michael now for a few years, and find him to be one of those guys that makes me shake my head, but in the best possible way. An accomplished, contemporary, fine-art painter, but someone who has also worked with photography for years and who recently, luckily for the rest of us, ramped up the photo-part of his life.

Already published in Black and White, something that can normally take YEARS, I think his work speaks for itself. If you know his paintings then you will see a vein of consistency that is no easy task to pull off. A definitive style that is immediately recognizable, what every artist strives for.

Michael is also a very hands on guy, experimenting with materials extensively, and creating these pieces from start to finish, by hand. There is nothing automated about what he does, and the idea of building a piece of photography becomes a reality in this work.

I find this work refreshing, distinctive, personal, and making me want more. If I knew any real art speak I would use it here. I don’t know any, and it would probably sound ridiculous coming from me, so just imagine I’m laying it on thick.

So, go to the show and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

There Has To Be More 2

I wanted to add something to the last post. I didn’t want to sound like I was being too down on gallery/museum opportunities. I do believe this world grabs a narrow audience, a sliver of the big picture, but that sliver can be fun, and also important in establishing work, selling prints, gaining recognition, etc.

So go after them already.

But, my point was to say, there is much more out there to do in terms of showing work. And, depending on the work, the traditional route of gallery/museum/publication, might not work.

Last week I photographed several people who I would venture to say have never been to a photo-gallery, and probably never will. I would also venture to guess that they have probably been to a museum once or twice in their life, but probably decades ago. So, how do I involve them in the exhibition? Invite them to a gallery show they are never going to attend?

Nope. Not enough. There has to be more. I have to invent how to get the community involved. It’s my responsibility as a photographer. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to spend all this time engaging with a community, and then not have them involved in some way.

So, I’ll figure something out. And, if the work is good enough, then perhaps the gallery/museum pursuit at some point. But first things first.

Daily Life

The photos have been hung. Four of them, in the library of the Moroccan, boutique location. The weather was hot, really hot, 115+, but dry as they say. Three in one spot, one lone in another.
It’s odd seeing them in a new location, but I like it.
There is no peace however, after you realize how many locations there are!

But, most importantly, my food is growing. All tomato plants are up, five total, and two spinach. Now I need cilantro and jalapeno, just to round things out.

I will post some snaps of the new growth, just as soon as humanly possible, but after I’m finished with this I am practicing my “computer free weekends,” so it will have to come next week.