Notes from the Hunt

This feels like old times.

In more ways than you can know. The days of rising in the frigid cold, breath blown in front of our faces, waiting for that glimmer of red. The silence, all but the beating heart. Only this time I’m not related. Just a bystander, included but not part of this game. It might seem odd here but it isn’t if you know where things come from. I’m a world away now, just doing my thing, but part of me knows the door is open if I want to venture back. Not sure who will be there waiting for me, but not knowing is okay for now.

Dinner Notes

Hmm, strange meat in an Orange County restaurant. Strange beer too.

As you can see, I’m a health buff. Lean and mean. Except when I’m here. This reminds me of Cologne, of the darkened room filled with older Germans eyeing us like we stumbled in the wrong strange meat place.

Maybe we did. But to our defense, they all looked strange. And probably still do. Maybe it was our lack of knee high socks and ornate jackets?

Sports on the television? Techno on the house stereo? Was that real? No, not this time.

I’ll be back.

Morning Meeting

The important thing is to create new work.

Whether that work be born from frustration as a purpose, as a motivating factor, it matters not. Just do it to coin an overused phrase that is by no means mine.

Push the button. It all seems so simple yet to do it “right” it takes more than you can imagine. Maybe that is the problem. That imagine part?

Blood red and cold blue for a little over a grand. I’ll take it. Drive it home and wax it up. Maybe a lift kit, a turbo and some gun mounts in the rear window.

There is something to be said for a $1000 dollar car. Do we really need anything more? How about a $1000 bike?

Someone watching me like taking this photo is against the law. Easy does it buddy, I mean no harm.