Newspace Center for Photography: Lecture and Seminar

Wanted to make an announcement about an upcoming lecture and seminar I’ll be doing in Portland at the Newspace Center for Photography. As many of you know, I do a fair number of talks, lectures, workshops and seminars. For me, these are the most important thing I do in my duties at Blurb. What I find these days is that about 90-95% of the people I speak with are familiar with the Blurb name. I would estimate that 80% of the people I speak with have used, tested or experimented with Blurb. But what I find most interesting is that very, very few people have REALLY explored what the platform can do, which is what makes these events so much fun for me. The number one response I get is “I would never thought of that.” These events are far less about Blurb and far more about creativity, dealing with learned behavior, breaking new ground and applying critical thought to your work, your future and your publications. The future is NOW and the future for photographers, artists, designers, illustrators and creative types in general will be grand in ways we haven’t even begun to understand.


And there’s more.

I’m not alone on this little mission. I’m fortunate enough to be traveling and presenting with Darius Himes, a friend, mentor and industry expert who is well versed in everything from publishing to the complexities of the high-end gallery world, not to mention he is just a cool guy. I can say with complete honesty that every single time I meet with Darius I learn something I didn’t know about photography, publishing or the art world. Our lecture and seminar is primarily focused on the book world, and to add to his resume, Darius is coauthor of the book “Publish Your Photography Book” with Mary Virginia Swanson.

Publish Your Photography Book

This book is a nuts and bolts breakdown of the entire publishing process, front to back, start to finish, and covers both traditional publishing as well as the new world of print-on-demand and self-publishing.
If you have an interest in the photography world, book world, etc the this lecture/seminar combination should be right up your alley. We live in a rapidly changing world where traditional roadblocks have crumbled and fallen. The tools at our fingertips are better than ever, and the power we have as individual artists has never been greater, The truly global audience is now within reach. This event will be an interactive, collaborative event where participants are encouraged to get involved and add to the dialogue. If you find yourself in Portland please come by, or if you know anyone who would be interested in the program then please share the link. For those of you already signed up, we’ll see you soon.