Facing Change: Danny Wilcox Frazier

I met Danny Wilcox Frazier a few months ago at the Look3 Festival in Virginia. We spent a grand total of about five minutes talking but he came across as a very driven and personable guy. Nice to see he is a part of the Facing Change crew. The film below will give you a little background on what he does and how he works. As you will see, some really nice photographs here.

Debbie Fleming Caffery: Facing Change

Just came across this while trying to find another video. If you don’t know Debbie Fleming Caffery then you have been missing out. Within ten feet of where I’m writing this post hangs an image of hers, a 20×24 silver gelatin, and I can tell you when you see her work you can identify it…right quick.
I met Debbie in Santa Fe several years ago and was blown away by she and her work. As she says in the film, she’s been called “art photographer,” “documentary photographer,” etc, but just know she is a photographer. All that matters. You gotta listen to this all the way, some classic lines in here. This video was created by Leica and Facing Change.