What are you? The Jeff Frost Enigma

“What are you?”

Over the past twenty-five years I’ve spent most of my time around photographers. These days, seeing as I’ve departed from full-time photography, I’m branching out, spending more time with painters, sculptors and writers than photographers(Subjects I know little about). What I’ve learned is that there is a WHOLE LOT MORE going on out there than just photography (Yes, I had tunnel vision). So when I met Jeff Frost, and was introduced to his work, I was slightly puzzled. I wasn’t sure what kind of alien creature I’d stumbled upon. He writes, composes music, shoots stills, motion and time-lapse and also paints. My first thought was, “Okay that’s not fair.” I’m still feeling my way around the in the dark with D76 and TRI-X and Jeff is doing, well, everything. I have to say, I have tremendous respect for cross platform artists, athletes, etc, anyone that proves their merit in a variety of ways. What I love about Jeff is that photography is important to him, very important, but it’s PART of a larger overall context of creating something with meaning, something that in his case requires five different methods to produce. I made these portraits of Jeff during a visit to the Blurb office. Typical of Jeff, he rigged up a time-lapse camera IN the Blurb office for an overnight run. We are also collaborating on two upcoming book projects, so stay tuned for more info.

Flawed Symmetry of Prediction – Optical Illusion Painting and Time Lapse

Spending time with Jeff gave me greater insight into how he creates his work, which is fascinating, but what was more interesting was WHY he produces this work. Let’s just say it’s been with him a long, long while. Space, science, art, desire and a residue of cave paintings dating back to his childhood. Blurb recently worked with Jeff on producing a rich-media ebook, which in Frost terms is strange, haunting yet welcoming in an alien abduction kind of way.

You can see the ebook preview here…which will give you a little background on the project. Flawed Symmetry of Prediction

Right before I hit “publish” on this post Jeff sent me a little sneak peak to his new film…..so you are the lucky ones. By the way, Jeff is a guy very much in tune with the idea of sharing his work with as many people as possible, so if you feel so inclined, pass this post along, or Tweet it or use your channels to share. Thanks in advance.

Modern Ruin Preview HD [optical illusion, fine art, time lapse] from Jeff Frost on Vimeo.

Smogranch Featured in Flash Flood

Recently I was alerted to the fact there existed a new, online publication regarding contemporary photography in New Mexico. Checking the list of founders, I was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar name or two, so I sent off an email of congratulations.

I began to think about my photography, about New Mexico, and wondered what I had from the region. This place, the “Land of Enchantment,” is one of my favorite places in the world. If you have never been, you must go. That is all I can say.

In fact, I recently did a radio interview and was asked about my favorite location I had traveled to, and without hesitation I replied, “New Mexico.” When I’m in New Mexico I feel different. I feel more connected, to both the land, and those around me. There are tensions there, both man made and the natural kind, but these tensions are what gives the region its flavor.

This image is active, so it will link you directly to the site. This feature was on the Flash Flood Blog, so don’t forget to check out the main site.


The story relates to my move there, and a trusty pickup that is no longer with us.