New Book: “Chamba”

I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve made another book.

“Chamba” slang for work, is a ninety-page, Blurb, 6×9, color trade book featuring fifty-four black and white photographs captured during my trips to Peru. The images are black and white, but the paper is color, white-based, uncoated stock that is my second favorite paper offered by Blurb. Also, all of this work was created with the Leica M camera system something that you ravenous Leica fans will want to know. During my time in Peru I’ve also worked in color but I wanted this book to focus only on the black and white. The Leica work has a certain esthetic and feel. As you will see, the book is designed with the spine on top and not on the left where it would normally be. I did this for a variety of reasons. First, it’s different. Second, much of the work is horizontal, and lastly because I’ve seen other books by other photographers done this way and many of them really worked well. This book is not a profound statement about photography or about Peru. This book is simply a sketch book of photographic ideas and moments all connected during the time when my boots were on Peruvian soil. There is also an ebook version available for your beloved iPhone or iPad devices.