Hong Kong Dispatches: End of Days

Okay folks, my time in Hong Kong is winding down. Yesterday was my last full day of shooting, so I decided to hit the most touristy part of Hong Kong. I made the journey up the mountain on the Peak Tram to have a look at the Hong Kong skyline. I have to say, I was surprised how much fun I had enduring the relentless trinket shops and watching as multitudes of nationalities lined up to snap themselves in front of the world renowned view. It was well worth the effort, and I ended up spending about three hours on top. After my descent I made my way back through Central, made an odd snap or two, then headed to the Foreign Correspondents Club with David McIntyre, a local photographer and someone I’ve known since 1993. When I walked in the door I said to myself, “I know I’m going to know someone here.” Five minutes later who should come walking along but David Hume Kennerly, LA-based photographer and winner of the Pulitzer prize…among his many accolades. We were able to hang out, have a drink and talk about…..Hong Kong.

So, the contest is now down to a vote. Then entire voting process is new to me, but it is raging as we speak. If you fancy a vote for me, have a look here. CATHAY PACIFIC VOTE HERE

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Cathay Pacific Contest: VOTE HERE

Okay folks, the contest games are over and now it comes down to a vote. As you can see by this image, I’m getting killed in the social media vote. But, I’m 42-years-old, which in social media terms ranks me up there with the third guy over in the evolution chart. If you feel like voting, have at it, it will be much appreciated. I have to say, I’d not entered a contest of any sort for a long, long while, and the overall experience has been valuable as well as challenging. I have to say, totally worth doing. I still can’t believe Cathay Pacific was focused enough to fly us all to Hong Kong, put us up and arranging for us to compete. Think about the logistics and planning required. Well done CP.


By the way, when you click on my photo-link, at the bottom you will see two tabs, “seeing” and “people” each one has a different short clip. FYI

Hong Kong Dispatches: Day Seven

Yesterday was a day or semi-relaxation, spending time with local friends and watching as the sky opened and flooded the Hong Kong streets. The real rain starts in June, but this was a nice sample of what is to come. Central Hong Kong was closed down as the streets filled with groups of Filipino women who sat playing cards, eating, etc. I slowly made my way through the streets, shooting the occasional portrait, but mostly just taking things in. The rains came in the afternoon so we ducked into a cafe and had drinks while the skies opened up. Dinner with friends.

MP_Hong_Kong_Day_Seven from Smogranch on Vimeo.

Hong Kong Dispatches: Day……

Another day, another dollar. Yesterday was another day of long walks, searching and trying to find a way deeper into Hong Kong. I had two specific things in mind. First, a visit to Chungking Mansion and then a follow up visit to the Islamic Center near Kowloon Park. It might seem odd for me to venture to the mosque, but there is a method to my madness. Years ago I did a project about Islam in America, but it had been years since I’d really spent any time in a mosque. I simply wanted to see what a Hong Kong mosque was like. My second goal was to see what the harbor area looked like on a weekend, and finally I was planning a walk through the Kennedy Town area of Hong Kong. Western District and Kennedy Town seemed like they held a little residue of the old Hong Kong.

MP_Hong_Kong_Dispatches_Day_6 from Smogranch on Vimeo.