Julius Shulman


Julius Shulman, celebrated photographer of modernist architecture passed away at 98.

I was lucky enough to meet Julius several times over the years, most recently at an event here in Orange County, and at the Annenberg Space for Photography opening in Los Angeles where I made this picture.

He was a true legend, pioneer, and sharing man who was always smiling, upbeat and still out and about at 98.

His legacy lives in the photos that have become a part of world architectural style, and will continue to influence generations of young photographers.

The Annenberg Space

These pictures were done by a new friend, Jose from Portugal, whom I hope to meet again one day, hopefully on the streets of Lisbon or in the countryside where he lives.

The character with me is Damon, but I’m not sure what we are doing. It appears like an odd dance, but trust me, we weren’t dancing. Not that we are opposed to dancing.

It was actually cold that night, very unlike the 102 degree day we had yesterday.

Behind us is the new Annenberg Space for Photography for those we haven’t seen it yet, and a few minutes after these images were taken the space held their first group projection.

It is really worth while to take a peak at this place. They have many new ideas and concepts in terms of the exhibition space.

So you can hear what Damon had to say at: PHOTOINDUCED

And you can see more about the Annenberg space here: ANNENBERG

I Made The Annenberg Slideshow

Hey Campers,

Was just notified that I will be one of the thirty photographers chosen to show work at the Annenberg Space for Photography’s initial slideshow event in Los Angeles on April 9th.

If you are around the city at that time it would be a great chance to check out this space, which is really remarkable. This is in conjunction with MOPLA, Month of Photography in LA.