Noor Agency

Noor Images is an agency worth your time and energy. There are a handful of outstanding journalism style agencies around the world and I would include Noor in this category. Each of these agencies has a specific look and feel, and the stories they produce also contain the consistent thread of their style. This doesn’t mean they don’t mix things up. It had been a while since I had visited their site, and I can see changes in certain photographers, their style and what they are emerging with when they leave one of their chosen locals.

I found this film by Pep Bonet and thought it would be a good introduction to what the are up. Blurb actually did a project with Noor, something I stumbled across while in our London office a few weeks ago, which was a box set comprised of a book specific to each photographer. I’ve included it below.

Noor covers heavy material, no doubt, and unfortunately, there is plenty of heavy material out there that needs to be covered.


Blurb Down Under: Oculi + Blurb Opening Sydney

Last night we co-hosted an event in Sydney with the photographers of Oculi, a collective based here in Australia. Over the past few months one of our Blurb members, Garry Trinh, worked with Oculi on a book project as well as setting up last night’s show. Last night’s show was part of the Reportage Festival. Stephen Dupont, festival director, stopped by to unveil the new posters, complete with a cover image by David Burnett. You might be thinking, “Ya, ya, another opening,” but this one had a different twist. Each attendee had an opportunity to make their own book from the work of the Oculi photographers. After walking in, each attendee was given a form containing a book layout. Each person could make their own edit, choose their sequence and submit the form for Blurb to print and ship the book.

As a photographer your edit and sequence are critical and NOT something you would normally put in the hands of the audience, but that was precisely the point with this particular show. Both Oculi and Blurb were looking for something different. Personally I see so many shows and exhibitions and many of them are pretty generic. You have probably heard of the movement to “get the art out of the galleries,” which isn’t my particular view, but I DO feel there needs to be more exploration when it comes to photography. We were attempting to do just this.

There was an excellent turnout on a cold, extremely rainy Sydney night, even with a multitude of photography events all happening at the same time. Oculi is the recording device of an entire nation. Much of their work focuses on Australia which is one of the things that makes them so distinctive. The show prints were SMALL, something else I found refreshing. I was told the designer wanted the attendees to be able to see all the work in a small area as opposed to seeing each image massive and set alone. I applaude both the agency and Garry Trinh for putting it all together.







Panos Pictures

I love documentary photography. Panos Pictures is a agency specializing in global social issues, and is a group I’ve enjoyed following over the past years. OF COURSE I wanted to BE with Panos Pictures, but that was never to be. If you haven’t had a chance to check out there work, have a peak at the site, and also have a listen to this film below. It’s a bit long, but relax damnit, it’s worth it. The director riding his bike to work was enough to hook me in. You all know my love of all things bike. Add this to my love of all things documentary photography and you have a happy Mr. Milnor on a Tuesday morning. Over the past few months I’ve had more than a few people write me in regard to finding agencies or folks who work in this genre, so this film, and this agency, are for you.