Image Mechanics Expo

Okay all you cutting edge snappers out there. Thinking of the future? Currently between jobs? Wondering what all those video buttons are on your new camera? Think Hollywood sucks and you can do better?

Well, now is your chance to find out. Wanted to alert you to the upcoming Collision Conference, Image Mechanics Expo, August 29 and 30 in Los Angeles.

Image Mechanics, a premiere digital house, is organizing this operation, and as you can see by the list of speakers, doers, photographers, DP’s, etc, it looks to be a get to the point, reality based dive into this new visual world.

This new world is limited only by our imaginations, and attending this gathering, I would bet, will spark new ideas, new partnerships, as well as dispel rumor. Like, “Does my camera work by magic?” The answer. “Kinda.”

But don’t take it from me. GO. This, as far as I know, is the FIRST event of it’s kind in Los Angeles. No whining. No excuses. Just go.

If you mention my name it will do absolutely nothing, other than maybe someone saying, “Ya, I know him.”

So put down the TV remote, dust off your nicest outfit, get a haircut and get in line. Otherwise you are going to be one of those people who when asked by someone who went and is now shooting right’s managed, unique content for some Sheik in Dubai, will say, “Oh man, I just couldn’t get it together man.”