New Release: Peru

When I was first asked to go to Peru and teach a workshop one of my first thoughts was about the book.

I knew I would make a book, or several, but really didn’t know what it would be. Most of the time I’m working with a very specific goal in mind, but when I’m teaching my focus is not only myself, but rather on the class and making sure THEY get what they are looking for.

So when it actually came time to make a book from this material I had a different kind of decision to make. At first I envisioned a book with chapters, a table of contents page explaining those chapters, and very concise lines and angles. In fact I began to design a book just like this.

But then I realized it just wasn’t working. I realized what I had was a random set of images, pieces of a puzzle, but not that overall picture. So in the end I decided to create a portfolio book, something I hadn’t done for a long, long while. I found the experience rather liberating.

The only thing I decided on was to make two styles of page, competing 6×6 and black and white. I realize these styles of work are entirely different, but that was really my point. The book has an introduction titled, “Split Personality” which describes this pairing and why the images look the way they do.

Most of the time an editor will tell you to keep your theme to similar images, and I agree, but with a portfolio I felt I had slightly more flexibility to experiment.

My goal is to refine this work, and add to it, hopefully next year when we are planning a follow up workshop. I’ll keep you posted on the details.

New Release: Homework

“Homework” is the first limited production book in the Milnor Pictures collection.

Each book will be signed, numbered and will include a 10×10 print.

I’ve always been driven by the idea of travel. These days it seems that everyone is on the go. The far reaches of the globe have chain stores, water parks and ultimate fighting. Most of my workshop students have been to Everest base camp and at least two have walked on the moon.
But I got to thinking. I’m supposed to be a photographer right? That means I should be able to shoot pictures in a paper bag. This was the idea that created “Homework.” Right here. Right now. I don’t need anything else, anywhere else. I should be able to walk outside and make something damnit.
So, here it is.


n 1: very strong or irresistible impulse to travel [syn:
wanderlust, itchy feet]

Thesaurus words for “wanderlust”:
Wanderjahr, afoot and lighthearted, bumming, discursion,
divagation, drifting, errantry, flitting, gadding, hoboism,
itineracy, itinerancy, nomadism, peregrination, pererration,
ramble, rambling, roam, roaming, rove, roving, straying, traipsing,
vagabondage, vagabondia, vagabondism, vagrancy, wandering,

n 1: one’s own dwelling place; the house in which one lives;
esp., the house in which one lives with his family; the
habitual abode of one’s family; also, one’s birthplace.

Thesaurus words for “home”:
a better place, abode, cradle, digs, domicile,dwelling,
habitat, haunt, homestead,household,living quarters, refuge,
residence, residency, shelter

If you are interested in this book you can have it shipped to me so I can sign it, number it and include the print.