Martin Schoeller

This guy is fascinating to me. Never met him, never spoke with him, but when he shows up there tends to be good things in the works….like shooting 100 of the most influential people in the world. I also love the dreadlocks, which are beyond my capability…I think. And to top things off, Fuji 6×9 and FILM…yes FILM people. Go ahead and rail him for being “behind the times.” Did I mention his photographing the 100 most influential people in the world????? I love to see one of the superstars of photography shooting film…it just goes to show, anything for anyone at any time. It’s all about the pics. If he was running for president, I’d vote for him, so take that digi lovers! On a serious note, you see a guy like this, who is safe to call a superstar, sleeping in the van to get an image at sunrise. I love this. I like people who aren’t afraid to get a little bit of the story ON them. In my book, this guy is fun to watch and represents someone who just does what he does and he does it well. He also comes across well in the interview, humble, calm, etc.