Advancing Your Photography with Marc Silber….and me.

Hey Kids,

Was able to stop by Silber Studios in San Jose and spend some time with Marc Silber and the Advancing your Photography team. Not my first rodeo with Marc and the interview, but I ALWAYS like to spend time with people like Marc because within seconds of meeting you clearly understand that photography is part of their nerve center and not just the flavor of the month. Many thanks to Marc and the team for making it so easy. I cringe when I see myself, or hear myself, but the questions are good and we focus on things like film and they key ingredients of great photography. Check out his other films. I just watched the Jeff Johnson clip and am insanely jealous.

13 responses to “Advancing Your Photography with Marc Silber….and me.”

  1. zeno watson says:

    Great to hear your thoughts as always Dan, and equally to a pleasure to see more of your work. Z

  2. Ulysses R. says:

    I really enjoy your insight in these videos and look forward to them.

  3. Mike A says:

    I always like your videos.

  4. Mike says:

    Great interview Daniel and nice haircut! Your example photographs look great and, even when scanned for the internet, show one of the strengths of film; wonderful detail in the highlights. Digital has great resolution but clips the highlights.


    • Smogranch says:

      Film has a depth. Hightlights look film like, which is the kind I prefer. Digital works but you gotta keep those highlights in mind all the time. Like shooting chrome.

  5. I love the lining on that jacket. Sorry to be so superficial, but I gotta be me!

    Nice line about “If you see it, it’s too late” which is exactly why I suck at shooting fluid situations. You have to feel when something visually good is unfolding, and start shooting ahead of it. I prefer things that just sit there, and then I can spray water and light onto them and see what happens. It’s easier!

    • Smogranch says:

      Yes, reality based moment stuff is a constant reminder of how rare great photography is, and to some degree luck based.

  6. Michael B says:

    I enjoyed this interview even more than your first one with Marc. I was also photographing my daughter’s dance competition this past weekend and I kept remembering your statement that “if you see it it’s too late.” That helped a lot.

    You haven’t posted about your bike rides lately, but I hope you’re getting in some good, healthy miles.

  7. I always enjoy it when you talk about photography.

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