New Site New Direction

“What are you going to do with Smogranch?”

Don’t know. Probably very little. You see I have a new site. Shifter.

A “shifter” is someone who shifts our perspective on someone or something. I realized I was spending a lot of time with these people. Photographing them, interviewing as well.

They are far more interesting than me, which was the realization I needed to explore a new route. A new site. A new life perhaps.

Ladies and gentleman, this site is work in progress and came about only in the past few weeks. Somehow the lunatics at Coffee and Magic were able to pull this together in a very short amount of time. I was little help.






In some odd way this site is a complication of many of the thing I was told not to do. Shocking I know. About 99% black and white. No video. Audio interviews. Long form essay. And no social media. Want to follow this site, gotta RSS this baby otherwise you will never hear me or see me. I actually created a Twitter account and then realized I would die if I went down that road.

As you can see, there are several categories such as “Believe,” “Found,” “Just Listen,” even the “Dispatches” I’ve been shooting for Blurb. My interview and audio skills are puny but are slowly getting better.

I’m not sure where I’m going with all this, but I can assure you I will enjoy the ride.

9 responses to “New Site New Direction”

  1. Tim says:

    I thought about tweeting, but ran out of characters.

    What an exciting change of direction! I always find it so inspiring to see you pursuing new projects for the sake of trying something new.

    The site’s structured in a really nice way, and there are some really nice sentiments, especially the ‘Believe’ section. And so much of the content is truly original.

    As ever, I look forward to seeing where this goes. Although I’m somewhat glad you’ve kept Smogranch alive.


  2. Reiner says:

    That’s standing out of the crowd Dan. I will look, listen and enjoy. Stretches the net towards art in a very unique way. Thanks again for all the good work.

  3. Loving it. The bites required are large, and in this crazy world I’m as trained as anyone to consume in tiny bites in the crevices between other bits of my life.

    I have to make time to read, look, listen. Which I am doing.

    If you can, keep it without too much continuity. Reality is that if I can’t dip in at random with a half hour on my hands, and make sense of what I find, I’m not going to stick with it. A string of gigantic pearls, each self contained, I can do that.

    • Smogranch says:

      A risk. If I contain the bits it only feeds the machine of smaller and smaller bits. I’m not sure I’m together enough to have any real sense of continuity so I think we are in luck!

  4. Sean says:

    Hi Dan,

    The new site looks good. I’m glad there’s a lot of varied content and I’m looking forward to digging into the Leica files again and the Just Listen section in particular.

    Have to be honest though, I think I’ll be skipping all the interviews with photographers and artists. A few years ago I was hanging on every essay, interview, and documentary by any ‘successful’ photographer* that was published. Nowadays I couldn’t care less. As we all know we have to follow our own voices without compromise.

    Is Smogranch still going to continue?

    *There are one or two of exceptions.

    • Smogranch says:

      You should listen to a few. These aren’t “tell me how great you are,” interviews. I try to talk about the why, the process, the creative aspect.” Smogranch, not sure. Not much time.

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