Poem from Mom: Rattlesnake

years of taking pictures
when our kids were growing up
probably thousands or more
different cameras lenses
big and little
the decision was
couldn’t give up the big lenses
one day I decided to put my camera away
wondered what I had been missing
too much time clicking searching
a lense for perceived perfection
I know now it must be in you
or maybe doesn’t exist at all
an expectation of just one more frame
did I see more with my camera
squeezed against my cheek
like a shotgun I don’t know
maybe I see it differently now
relying on only my lenses
the only thing I know is
I love those old pictures
rewinding the good old days
reminding me of so much forgotten
there is a new camera back on my cheek
still trying to get the rattlesnake
coiled at my feet

4 responses to “Poem from Mom: Rattlesnake”

  1. Mike says:

    Lovely poem: I do think that we photographers see differently – or at least more intensely.

  2. Perhaps photographers see more because they are so focused. Certainly they see more clearly, and the memories their photos bring us help us relive our lives from more mature angles. A thought provoking poem.

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