Journal Entry: S. Texas August 2014

Duramax dreams
this place would be difficult for me now
after all that has transpired
the squint, effortless after a while
dust devil with the condor above
nature untouched by modern man
footprints below but pavers can be heard on the wind
they are coming
you have two choices
or take to what you can’t see, what your instinct tells
is out there
and run with it
bark, feather, bone and all that remains is the dust
the cycle continues
my little tribe is on the precipice, something we all know is coming
but we are still unprepared
nothing we can do to change the odds
life just runs, powerstroke
pistons rise and fall, rise and fall
hammering as the clock betrays any chance of changing course
drop the main sail, hoist the jib
hold that rudder like it’s made of gold
stay the course
but it gets more and more difficult
when you know you can’t pretend, what alternative ending awaits
the fateful decision you promised you would never make but
know you will surrender to
the buildup is just about more than I can take
hints here and there, more hints
you hope they are misunderstood, something you can apologize for later
whispers, tilt that new brim down a notch and don’t move
wind swirls a chop pattern as the line unwinds above your head,
down your arm and into the wild green
there is nothing to do now but wait

7 responses to “Journal Entry: S. Texas August 2014”

  1. lionelB says:

    It is a mystery that this does what it does. How do glorified apes absorb the unseen and silent strands which cohabit with these special swirls of words ? How does the uneasy amalgam emerge as a concentrated essence of shared experience ? And if we are something that can do that, how come we mess up so extravagantly when it comes to the basic housekeeping of our continued existence ?

    Milnor, poet. A gift to savour.

  2. Mike says:

    An ode to life and journey’s end. For one or for a planet? Very powerful.

  3. Patrick Dodds says:

    An elegiac mood Mr Milnor? I’m not surprised given current world events. As Churchill said, however, “keep buggering on”. Is your minimag coming out soon? No rush of course, but I don’t want to miss it.

    • Smogranch says:

      I’ve been on a week of serious unplugged contemplation of all things human, so no mag. One is done, another is in the works. Need to clean my brain first.

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