Historia Nicaragua 001


Maps, distances, color, groups, fingers striking keys and a timeline which will ebb and flow like the tide of Lake Managua, not much but detectable. Birdsong, an oscillating fan, and the crippling power of air conditioning built to fight off what is simply called “The Tropics.” It never works. You can’t fight off The Tropics, nor hope to fully understand them, even this one particular place, at least not in the time allotted.

“Una historia es mas que la suma de los partes.” (A story is more than the sum of the parts.)

And besides we have a story to help tell, not our own, or mine, or even yours, but their’s, and like all things the human the story is complex, nuanced and requires more than one reading. This is a land of poets, or poetry, with verse meaning different things to different people. We will listen, adapt and attempt to offer an idea, a possibility, whisper or trick learned on prior wanderings.

There is preparation and then there are sandals on the ground. This is the fun part. There is a plan in place, what is required now is step one. We will do our best. The perpetual sweat begins the exact second you leave the artificialness of manmade lodging.
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Group dynamic. Like a new language sounding unique to each member of the effort. Some will grasp and command while others will fall back and take their cues from the others, the landscape or perhaps the night. The puzzle of storytelling begins from the edges. Piece by visual piece. The fun and learning comes from the false starts, flickers of assembly and press, oh our beloved progress. But don’t be confused. Fool’s Gold lies in wait, aching nuggets of color on the surface of things. It’s okay to pick up the pieces, but soon your load will become to heavy, a burdensome trellis of rectangular baggage. It is then you just let go, and with this comes freedom and the beauty and intoxication of the power of critical thought.

The marrow of life reveals itself but remember, if you see it you missed it. With this little photography game you need to be one step ahead of life itself, connected but in a physical and mental, well-worn way, nothing else or the moments pass you by, not even a glance in your direction. This is the way it should be. This was never meant to be easy or simple.

You sometimes have to live your story, or even their story, close enough to get a little on you. The metal bodies are locked and loaded and await our command. This is the sweet part of the fruit. This is why you are where you are, why we are here. This is who we are.

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  1. Mike says:

    Central America really got under your skin, Daniel.


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