Salsa Fargo Update

Don’t worry everyone, I won’t go as long between Fargo posts in the future. (I hear the photo geeks moaning, grinding teeth and searching for the unsubscribe.)


I’ve finally gotten out for a few short rides. Still fighting Lyme, so I’m not breaking any records, nor will I be for the foreseeable future, but I’m doing what I can. I managed to find some dirt here in good old Newport Beach, an unfinished side of the Santa Ana River Trail. The busy side is paved, but the not-so-busy side is still dirt. Not even really sure how far it runs, but I will attempt to find out. To the left of my bike is the “river.” Just play along people, it’s a concrete river, filled with things like lost luggage, shopping carts, coyotes and even a fish or two believe it or not. Nature is a stubborn thing regardless of advancing in paving technology.

And behind me you ask?


Yep, if you are going to pave everything in sight you need some concrete dammit. Why not put the plant at the epicenter? This is actually a nice ride for these parts. You ALWAYS have wind at your back on the way inland and in your face all the way back to the water. You have an assortment of other riders, walkers and homeless encampments to keep you company. When you dip under the overpasses you get a nice whiff of pee, and you get to practice dodging the glass from broken bottles. And there’s no charge!

The bike. Well, it’s great. So easy to ride. Geared for the uphill world, no surprise, but enough there for nice, sustained relatively high speed pavement action. Climbs really well both in and out of the saddle and feels stable on fast descents. I’m toying with the idea of adding brakes to the top bars because I will be on some serious downhill, singletrack over the next few months and long descents on the drops tend to waste my arms, but again I’ve got Lyme, so picking up the TV remote requires an extra hour of sleep.

This bike calls to me at night. I can hear it because I keep it inside, in my library actually, which drives my wife crazy.(Reason enough to do it right there.) “But honey, it’s lonely in the garage.” This bike calls to me because it doesn’t want to be in Newport. This bike leaves maps on my living room floor. Maps of the Southwest, or New Mexico. This bike tells me to add a rear rack and aim for Miami via the US/Mexico border. This bike left an advertisement for a waterproof backpack that would easily hold two Nikon F6’s and two lenses and a huge stock of TRI-X. This bike is evil.

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  1. Eli Allan says:

    Well I’m enjoying the bike posts. I’ve been assembling a Cannondale cyclocross/touring setup over the last few weeks. The bike is finally ready to ride, now I just to need to finish a summer’s worth of work and I can start the next big trip. Today I installed the front rack, and fitted my new panniers to it, added a speedometer so I can see how fast I’m going, trued the wheels and then sat next to the bike and drooled for a while. I’m planning a big loop around the back roads of the southwest but it starts by heading south to visit friends in Silver City. And then maybe up to Moab, or just south until my spanish gets better. I’m not much of a planner, but its good to have this big vague idea to keep me pushing forward.

    • Smogranch says:

      Good to know I’ve got a few bike friends out there. Your bike and trip sound dreamy. Good luck, have fun, keep me posted.


  2. Charlene says:

    ‘This bike is evil.’

    Does it wheeze and tell you “I am your father” in your feverish New Mexican dreams?

    I now have a bike in Copenhagen. It was christened with a Danish name so I call it George for short. Used to belong to Flemming’s brother but it is now mine. My preciousssssss.

    It is red and very fast and nimble and I rode it for a day and a half in March before my lungs gave out to a chest infection. $^#&$^#&*$^#&$

    But I will jump it at some point this summmer. Alarm bells have already begun to ring somewhere…

  3. Big fan of the bicycle posts – and evil bicycles! Will have to do a post this Summer from Copenhagen featuring our evil bikes!

  4. lionelB says:

    Good to hear that there are walkers. Likely they have been listed as dangerous subversives.

  5. Mike says:

    Nice bike Daniel, I have to brave about five miles of traffic on roads built before cars were commonplace to reach some really good country lanes. Great names too: Dry Bread Lane, Burnt House Lane, Green Dicks Lane …. really! Could you make it up?


  6. Reiner says:

    Dirt roads are my favourit tracks, you leave the buzzy traffic behind when you choose them crossing the countryside, they are nearly carfree in our regions, they are fast,… but … indeed you need a real evil bike for them, 28″ or 29″ wheels clinched with souple but resistant rubber and a high ride position to look out for the potholes, that’s what you need. I’m convinced the sound of crushed stones underneath the rubber adds to to the magic. Get the rides out, it’s almost unbearable this nice spring weather…

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