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Hey Folks,

This is the latest post in the “Because I Can” series about making Blurb books in an edition of ONE. Yes, you heard and read correctly. I’m making books with the intention of capping the print run at ONE book. Why? BECAUSE I CAN. We have really only had this option since about 2006, yet photographers ALREADY seem to take this for granted. I know, there is so much change on a daily basis that we are perpetually thirsty for the new, always wanting the latest and greatest. I get it. However, I for one cannot overlook the power in having the ability to make a single book. I wrote about this in a previous post, so if you want the background then go back and have a look. I pulled a selection from that prior post to set the table for this one. This is a series people. I’ve made at least thirteen books already and have eighteen more in the pipeline.

This little gem is one of my favorites so far. The work comes from a project I did several years ago, paintball and the combat that ensues upon the word “Go.” After receiving the book I drove it out to the paintball range and let the boys unload on it. The book was then allowed to dry then coated with a clear sealer. The entire mess lives in a black bag. Blurb wrote about this in their recent newsletter which went out earlier today.
As for the guts. Entire book was shot with Kodak TMZ.(RIP) If I remember correctly I used Contax G2’s because I knew I was probably going to get shot and it just might ruin a camera. I had three G2’s, so they were somewhat expendable. The book was super simple, 11×13, landscape, Proline Uncoated and all full bleed, double trucks. The case was made by Process Supplies. I loved the look and feel of the basic book itself, but it feels far more complete after the shooting.



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  1. Daniel, I remembered you talking about the “paintball” book in Sydney, and if I’m not mistaken, you also had a copy of the book there to show workshop participants. There were a lot of really good photo-books there: inspiration straight through eyeballs.

    • Smogranch says:

      I actually don’t remember. It’s a large book, 11×13, so not sure I had it in person. Now, it’s messy, so it probably wont’ be traveling with me at this point either!

  2. Jason Timmis says:

    Awesome idea. I think you nailed it…pun intended!

    If it was possible to somehow get decent scans of the finished book I think you should do a book of the book and actually drop this one on the world. You know paint balls and bulk loaders on the right, souvenir fine art book on the left. 😉

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