Bookmakers I Like: Paul Gero


This is a new series I’m very excited about. Nobody was asking for this series, but I’m doing it for two reasons. First, to compile a series of black and white, 6×6 portraits of Blurb bookmakers. Second, I wanted to learn a bit more about filmmaking. These are sixty-second films. That’s it. They are purposely short, provided simply as a taste of who this person is and what this person does. Not to mention sixty-seconds is the new four minutes. I don’t last much longer than two minutes when I find a YouTube flick. I tested myself over the last three videos and 1:50 was the most amount of time I spent before fast forwarding then realizing I was fast forwarding and then felt remorseful for not really paying attention. So, I’m guessing you might have some of the same issues.These films will get better once I have a better understanding of software, sound, editing, etc.
This first flick features long time friend Paul Gero. And his fantastic book.

7 responses to “Bookmakers I Like: Paul Gero”

  1. Peggy DaValt says:

    WOW!! Thanks, Dan, for that fantastic piece on my brother, Paul Gero. I had no clue that he brought in $50K for charity with his book, nor did I realize that it is a Blurb book (I like ’em).

    He is an amazing human being, photographer, husband, father and brother.

    I, for one, as his big sis, am extremely proud of him and his work. Thank you so much for showcasing his work as his friend and mentor, Dan.

    Peggy Gero DaValt
    (Cheesehead Nation)

    • Smogranch says:

      Hey Peggy,
      He is all those things as well as a secret New Orleans Saints fan, another little known fact about him.

    • Peggy DaValt says:

      Interesting synchronicity. I believe that Dad lived in New Orleans for a time. Pretty cool, huh? 🙂 At least their fans don’t wear cheese on their head or declare a sick day because the QB got hurt. *lol*

  2. Peggy DaValt says:

    Ooops….mentee….eegads….I’m so used to FB and edited my spelling errors….uggh….my apologies.

  3. Wende Ludas says:

    He’s an artist and a philanthropist, disguised as a photo journalist

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