Blurb Australia: Photographers + Time + Park

Don’t worry, I haven’t returned to the wedding world regardless of the final image here. Yesterday was the Blurb Photo Safari here in Melbourne and we saw a good size crowd emerge from the shadows of downtown and into the long sun of Treasury Gardens. There was plenty to photograph with the luminace of late afternoon, backlit landscapes and even a wedding shoot in full flow. I gave a portraiture assignment, something that normally strikes fear in the heart of the photo enthusiast, but this crowd went at it full on. We were even lucky enough to encounter a group of monks from Thailand who probably had little idea what they were in for when descended upon by a rabid horde of snappers. Regardless of your level in photography the idea of wandering with a camera never gets old. It’s the best part of being a photographer after all.




This morning we gave our designer talk to a packed house here in downtown Melbourne.


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  1. Harold says:

    Looks like a great time and you’re getting on fine without the manual. I’m probably alone in this but I think we’re seeing the 60’s all over again only everyone is a lot better dressed.

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