Countdown to Peru 2013: iPhone Three


Since my last post about the upcoming Peru trip I am holding fast to my goal of black and white only during the 2013 trip. However, something else just creeped into my mind………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Okay, by now you should be getting a good feel for just how INSANELY good these Peru trips are. These are simply phone images, but they will describe to you the route and trajectory of our time together. And when I say, “simply phone images,” as I’ve stated before, I don’t mean that in a negative sense. Remember, if the phone is what you carry then just commit to that. You could create something pretty darn cool and wouldn’t even need to complain about a sore back, tired shoulders or pinched nerve. Power on.

It’s odd, when these trips happen I get wrapped up in the logistics, the conversations and I forget what all we did.

You can’t imagine what it does to me to see these images. The pull of places like Machu Picchu and the Amazon are so overwhelming it’s hard to deal with. Heck, South America in general is so stamped on my brain I’m ruined forever.

Last time I checked we had a few seats left for the 2013 voyage.

11 responses to “Countdown to Peru 2013: iPhone Three”

  1. adam says:

    the image of the rain in the amazon is so evocative of what we felt arriving that day at the lodge…i’d love to feel that again. maybe not so much rain, but at least the noises and the surroundings: the monkey calls, the bird howls, the jungle’s sweetness. bring it on!

    • Smogranch says:

      I was JUST thinking about that image, and the rain, and the noise and was DREAMING of that boatride up river…..I can’t get there soon enough.

    • Linda says:

      Daniel, great shots and I love the addition of the audio, especially the rain! Now if only you could put that in a blurb book! 🙂 There’s an idea, maybe they could start making audio cds to include with books. It’d be awesome to have books with audio books included so you could listen to it in your car. I could really see a photography book especially. Then you could listen to the photographer telling the story between each photograph while you look through the book. 🙂 Also, if one added audio from where the photo was taken that’d be totally amazing! 🙂 A new kid of travel photography book.

    • Smogranch says:


      Hey, guess what? I can put it in a Blurb book, both audio and video, and I can sell it like a print book. You can listen in your car, only viewable on iPad, iPhone, but we are getting closer to these realities. I’m LOVING audio, glad you are too.

  2. Ah the rain at the end of the boat ride with the jumping spider. What a day what a place what a crew. MUST go back. NOW.

    • Smogranch says:


      Hahahaha, that spider “event” was priceless. The look on Daniel’s face when he saw the remains of the beast after Boston Amy, tired of the “Dance of Death”, crushed it was classic. It might have been a different trip had that thing sank its fangs into your fleshy limb.

    • Classic priceless moment. It would have been 50/50 if the spider would have killed me or I would have killed the spider, I already had the deadly stomach bug alien in me.

  3. Aguirre says:

    A great set of cohesive pics that suggests “adventure.” The multimedia presentaton definitely adds another dimension. Not ashamed to admit that I’ve been suckling on these posts, and that of Flemming, for some vicarious inspiration, as I find myself temporarily shuttered by and shackled to the ol’ nueve hasta cinco! But the promise of South America and the SW U.S. beckon this year. Hope to take the baton from you guys and run with my own experiences. Keep it coming, man!

  4. sydney says:

    wow your photographs are breath taking!

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