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I love magazines. I don’t actually read them, or subscribe to them, but when I hold them in my hand it’s nothing but love. Sometimes if I’m facing a long flight on an airline with no inflight entertainment I’ll buy an Economist, catch up on the world, but that is about it. Just listen to how we describe these little jewels. “Magazines, periodicals, glossies, or serials are publications that are printed with ink on paper, and generally published on a regular schedule and containing a variety of content.” Damn, what’s not to like?
Now I can make my own, and people this is a grand experience, one that SCREAMS for collaboration. In my Blurb travels I’m continually amazed at how little collaboration I see. I keep crossing my fingers, hoping the world would appear more as an open door rather than a locked bunker. Perhaps the magazine will set us free?
This little film is about the same work, in the same format, but with a very different look and feel. Done simply to show you how basic design changes will greatly impact the look, feel and potential success of your project. My advice, venture forth.



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  1. LionelB says:

    For me, version 2 looks like a book without a cover. Maybe a catalogue. You are right about the format begging for multiple contributors but the technology, the plugin, is individual not collaborative. For a true magazine, the other distinguishing element is advertising. That sparks a whole rash of big questions about integrity and control.

  2. Smogranch says:

    If you have email you have all you need for collaboration. And you don’t need advertising. When I did my first magazine, a few years go, I was approached by several companies wanting to advertise. I said “no.’ I didn’t want any issues with what could run or couldn’t run. Did a limited run, sold them all. With a tiny bit of marketing and a good database, a smart photographer could really do something interesting with this. Not to mention having a built in bookstore and distribution system.

    • LionelB says:

      For you or me, advertising is maybe not an issue but the launch of something like this creates its own agenda and I can see that micro-advertising with a 30% discount to the unit price from x copies onward is the next logical step. Just the way the world works. Who will be brave enough to put Issue 1, Volume 1 on their first ?

    • Smogranch says:

      It’s already happened. Many times over. Photographers seem to be slow in picking up on this. I know people who are still fighting for 1970’s style day rates to get in the “real” magazines, which don’t really seem to support anyone anymore. I’m not in favor of advertising, but that is just me. I’d rather presell my entire edition.

  3. Larry says:

    Having been there I have to say this is too cool. Love seeing both versions and what you’ve done with the work. More inspiration for me.

    But we need a version of the magazine that doesn’t require InDesign to make. I’d love to see a stand alone version like BookSmart to make mags. Use some of your influence to get a standalone version please. Pretty please!

    • Smogranch says:

      No mention of stand alone at this point. Frankly, I’m loving InDesign. If I can do it anyone can. Started another book last night, could have used Booksmart but used InDesign. It’s like a blank canvas.

  4. Julian says:

    wow, you put so much effort into your posts and talk with so much passion about your stuff!! love listening to that!:)
    definitely going to make a magazine my self! keep it up!!

    • Smogranch says:

      I’d rather put more effort and post less. This goes against the modern philosophy of post everyday and make them short and sweet. I’m over it. I try to post if I have something relevant to say.

    • Julian says:

      Hey Daniel,
      so… here is the magazine i made from seeing your post:

      the content is not very thought out, but i made it just to see what i got – a test.
      Making a magazine or book requires (me) to do projects much more intense and go deeper than before, i like that. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of random pictures (as my magazine is now)

      thanks again for your efforts, always checking your blog:)

      PS: the print quality and paper is OK for the price

    • Smogranch says:

      you are crazy that magazine looks incredible and far superior to anything I’ve done. I love the table of contents, your typography choices and your layout. Seriously, that looks beautiful. Content looks good to me.

  5. Paul says:

    Thanks for the post Daniel

    Although you didn’t ask our preference, I prefer the first copy and would love looking at the scans/photos of your actual journal you used. To me it gives more depth to the project overall and a kind of behind-the-scenes sneak of your thoughts at the time.

    There is not many magazines out there on the shelves or print to order that concentrates just on the photography with a bit of copy and let the images speak for themselves.

    Daniel’s first magazine would not of looked as good had it contained adverts, even small ones.

    I love the idea of creating a magazine myself but fear that there would be little audience interest in my work and need to get my website in a more cohesive order before I think about serious publications. I love the Trade books and have tried making a few but magazines will have to wait for the future.

    • Smogranch says:

      Take “fear” out of your vocabulary. Believe in yourself and what you are doing and there is no reason to fear anything, especially anything to do with photography. You can do anything you want, so whatever you dream up, just do it.

  6. Aguirre says:

    A book in the hand is better than two on the net.

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