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I recently visited White Sands National Monument in Southern New Mexico, and upon return I sent a few images to my mother. She sent this note in reply.

“When we went hunting with my Uncle Lester on the Havasupi Indian Reservation North of the rim of the Grand Canyon we would sit by the campfire every evening and he would read stories to us about the desert. We would have eaten potatoes and fresh deer meat with onions. The wind would make that low whistle you can only hear at a place like this as it dances around the sage brush. Perhaps those ghosts are dancing there. We would be up before daylight back to the business of hunting. I got lost once with just a MilkyWay candy bar. I finally climbed a high hill and took a look around. Made my decision and traveled on. I finally ran into the cross fence I was told I would run into if I went that-a-way. It was just about dark when I got back to camp. I was glad. These are times that build wonderful memories that last all your life.
The desert is a magical place that plays all kinds of tricks on you. What you know well other places doesn’t apply to the desert. It shows you another dimension. You need time for the desert. You have to let it find you.”
Like the pictures.

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  1. Harold says:

    “Whatever you learned down on the flat, will do ya no good up here…” Bear claw Chris Lappe.

  2. LionelB says:

    Interesting. The only landscape on Earth which has a law specially designed to prevent it ever becoming a World Heritage Site. Makes the plot of Alice in Wonderland look like a model of sanity.

  3. I have been to White Sands in 2009, during my 5-week road trip in the States. It was not like any other desert I have seen before. Weird and amazing at the same time.

  4. That is an awesome note. White Sands is great, been a few times, always want to come for more magic.

    Namib desert of Namibia is the most magical desert I have visited. You can stand in 360 degree of nothingness, not one single definable feature around you, and a massive tall sky above you. The horizon is bigger in Namib, it really is.

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