One minute of my fifteen minutes of fame.


I actually don’t remember what I said, but I’m sure it was profound and life-changing. You know when someone asks you if you want to do something and you say, “Sure,” without really thinking about it and then it finally dawns on you what you agreed to about .5 seconds before you actually have to do it. This was like that. Ultimately, it was fun but the idea of “live television” didn’t hit me until it was actually happening. I began to sweat. I continued to sweat, like an overheated motor, until long after the camera had turned to a brighter scene. This happened months ago but I forgot to post it. At least I think I did.


One response to “One minute of my fifteen minutes of fame.”

  1. Harold says:

    I do understand this. After watching the first segment of me on TV I was really prepared to decline the follow up story. I’m sure your minute of fame was loaded with life changing photo knowledge. Actually, insight has been known to pass to someone with no logic whatsoever.

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