Books I Love: “Voyages” by Raymond Depardon


Hey folks,

My first installment of a new series titled “Books I Love.” The concept is very simple. Find a book in my collection, photograph it, then share it with you. The idea being to share what I love about the book or why I have it. The books will range from traditionally published, POD and handmade. The only stipulation is that I love the book. Most of them have a backstory, which I will also share. Books and photography are forever linked, so why not explore the relationship through my bookshelf. Hope you enjoy. This first installment features photographer Raymond Depardon and his brilliant book “Voyages.”

33 responses to “Books I Love: “Voyages” by Raymond Depardon”

  1. Oh man. You……… I just got RD’s Brides of Siagon. Again ALL in French. ALL awesome. This book has been in my visual life for almost 20 years. Brides of Siagon is just about his love affair with this hot French chic. Oh I love the French. And their work to live mentality.

  2. LionelB says:

    Hazan is an Art niche of Hachette. Their new cover for this is a nasty plum shade, laid out to convey ‘travel book’. Games marketing folk play. Happily, his ‘Afriques’ (also by them) has kept the spirit of the earlier Voyages cover, as above. On the front, the main protagonist is cropped from his nose down. Rubbing salt in, his nose is however on the thirds. No surprise that Depardon is also a film-maker. I see that his first was about Jan Palach. A name that still resonates inside me.
    Dan, if I can find a copy with the red cover I will translate. Otherwise you are plum out of luck.
    Sigh. Time to build another book-case …

    • Smogranch says:

      It’s amazing what a cover will do, or not do. I have one book in multiple covers and I always think there is one that stands out. That differs from person to person.

  3. Randy says:

    Merci Daniel !
    Très bonne idée de partager ta collection de livre.
    Je ne connaissais pas ce photographe. Raymond Depardon.
    Sont travail est incroyable.

  4. Eric says:

    I have been cleaning and looking at books that I think of getting rid of only because of space and downsizing and now what.
    I like this as well as the Leica Files.

  5. Great new series amigo, this book looks pretty fantastic. Would love to own it. Would love to be able to do something similar in many, many years.

  6. Sean says:

    I want it.

    You know that phrase that’s all the rage at the moment: Buy film not megapixels?

    Well it should probably be Buy photo books not megapixels.

  7. Brant says:

    What a stunner to open this fantastic 1st edition of a great new series.
    Well done Dan!
    “Vision and time in the field”, couldn’t have said it better.
    Shame this book does not appear to be in print or available for under a very large sum of money.
    Keep them coming.

  8. Paul Joyce says:


    One suggestion I just thought of…books vary over the years and get reprinted but is there any chance you can add the ISBN of the book you have each time you do one of these? It may help some of us if we want to look for a copy.

  9. Yann says:

    Hi Dan,
    I did not know this book but have a copy or “Errance”. Another remarkable book from from Depardon you might know it. Very moody and introspective. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This book was a major eye-opener for me, since I bought it (very cheap at that time) I have tried to get hold of every other Depardon book. To learn better French is still on my agenda just because I’d like to be able read his texts, e.g. the intro to “Errance”. To my mind Depardon is seriously underrated. Thanks for drawing attention to him!

    • Smogranch says:

      He really is an amazing photographer, and has lived one remarkable life. He’s somewhat forgotten these days, at least in the US, but like many things he will appreciate with time I think.

  11. LionelB says:

    An update on this. Sadly, FNAC was not able to deliver as the reprint has either been abandoned or delayed, I am not sure which.

  12. Paul Joyce says:

    I finally managed to get hold of a copy (used but looks brand new) and it arrived today. At first glance there is some wonderful photographs in it and I shall look forward to going through it in more detail.

    As you already pointed out, I can see this book being one I pick up pretty regularly.

  13. Yann says:

    Depardon and Claudine Nougaret made a documentary movie called “Journal de France” about his lifetime work and his project of photographing France.
    You might like it.

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