New Magazine Preview: Una Pura Verdad (A Simple Truth)

A while back I did a magazine. My goal was to sell one hundred copies. I did one blog post and the magazine began to sell, and before long the one hundred copies were gone. For me this was a telling sign of the times and yet another indication that, as an artist, the future was now and the future was what I was going to make of it. I’ve always felt, as a photographer, I’ve been on an island. Historically, my tools were limited. In fact, when I started in this game my tool set included ONE tool; the land-line telephone. These days we live in an ever-changing electronic world where we have more communication models than ever before. They are simply models, there for us to pick and choose. I still feel like I’m on an island but now I can invite others to join me. These models won’t make great images for you, nor will they make you a photographer, but they can surely help you get where you want to be. In my case that means pushing further and further to the edges of the island, one foot in the water lapping at my feet, wondering what would happen if I dove in and left the solid world behind……..

This spreads above are from the recent test I completed with the new Blurb magazine format. Granted, this was a rush job done right before I left on my recent trip and right after I partially tore the MCL in my right leg. I was not in a chatty kind of mood. However, a test is a test and it came with a benefit of the doubt. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long while. The moment I could make my own magazine. Magazines are different from books, they are less formal, signify a renewal or continuation from month to month and are expected to wear out and disappear. Personally, there isn’t much about this format I don’t like.

In addition to the print magazine you see above I also dove a bit deeper into the modern tool kit and made a rich-media version of this same magazine. Rich-media you ask? Add audio and video and you have rich-media. I did this simply because I could. I’m not making bold proclamations about the future, or media in general, I’m simply experimenting with new tools to see how and why I would use them. I suggest you do the same. I now have this magazine on my phone and iPad. I never use my iPad but the magazine is there nonetheless. I do use my phone and have found it handy to be able to show this work in this fashion. I also feel that certain people IN these photos can relate to this work better via phone than print magazine, which is something I must consider moving forward. What you see below is how the magazine actually looks on my phone.

My goal is to continue to explore. I don’t ever want to be one of those people who always finds a reason NOT to do something, or try something. I’ve now tested both of these platforms and have a concrete plan in place as to how and when I’m going to use them. When something new comes along I’ll test that too and see if I can find a way to work it in.

The only thing that is bugging me about all this is the fact that I can’t be in New Mexico right now working on this project. It’s driving me mad. Time, time, time. Such is life. When I finally do arrive back it will all that sweeter. Happy testing.

PS: The football photograph was made during my last trip. A week of shooting and this is the only image I think was fairly successful. It sure felt great as I was kneeling in the sand watching the lads play as the sun lit up the expanse of western sky. I was tired, sweaty, coated in dust and dirt and exactly how I should have been.

15 responses to “New Magazine Preview: Una Pura Verdad (A Simple Truth)”

  1. Larry says:

    Already bought a copy and looking forward to receiving it.

    Question: is the only way to make a magazine using the in design plug in? Or can you make a magazine like you can make a book?

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you, Daniel! I was just thinking I’d love to make a magazine/catalog for my new business to show my products to clients. I didn’t know Blurb added magazines, I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    It must be an amazing thing to put together a magazine of your own work! I used to do lit mag in high school and I loved laying out everyone’s words and images. Maybe that’s another idea I can tackle with the magazine format. πŸ™‚

    • Smogranch says:


      It’s actually more fun for me when its’ other people’s work but because my design skills were so puny I used my own work in case I messed it up.

  3. LionelB says:

    The magazine format seems to beg for the use of at least some colour, even if only in the graphics. Yet a small book works fine entirely in greyscale. The only logic I can see for that is some connection with (relative) transience or permanence. But I suspect that the real answer is deeply ingrained habit. From the late ‘Twenties, scarlet and indian yellow embellishments appeared alongside black and white photography. Not blue and green. The Kodak logo not an accident I think.

    • Smogranch says:

      Interesting observation. I think it depends on design. I have mags, all black and white, that work well, but they are designed entirely, from scratch, with his in mind. They aren’t my magazines, only ones I’ve purchased. But I think you are correct in that in feels like the mag begs for a bit of color.

  4. Paul Joyce says:

    I was lucky enough to get a copy of your first magazine (Manifesto) so I’m interested to see what this one is like.

    I’m liking the fact you are exploring new mediums to show your work, including rich media and am looking forward to seeing more in the future.

    Ps. Off the top of my head I can’t remember if Manifesto was completely B&W or not but I can say that all of the B&W photos within looked really nice and suited the format well.

    • Smogranch says:

      Hey Paul,

      This magazine is just a sample, not a full magazine at this point. I only had time to do a test. I wouldn’t but this one, I’d wait for full issue.

    • Paul Joyce says:

      Ah, OK. I will wait for your post to let us know when it’s ready.

      I know you have a lot going on right now but I would love to see Issue 2 of Manifesto one day. Keep it on the ‘to do’ list please! πŸ™‚

  5. hannah kozak says:

    Daniel, when do you sleep!?

  6. Nice. I was curious about the magazine format but is very hard to find samples on the web. I gonna try to publish my zine in that format. Thanks for sharing! I still have some doubts about the quality of the paper. But I will try anyway.

    • Smogranch says:


      Do a sample. Paper is great, at least to me. Also remember, magazines are typically about someone reading them and then tossing them out. They are VERY different from a book. The reader looks at them in a different way.

  7. Jessica says:

    Your photos look great! I am currently working on printing an art book with Blurb’s premium magazine format, and had a few questions about your experience. It looks like you have several 2-page photo spreads in your magazine. Did you find that part of the image got cut off by the gutter? (And if so, how much?) I’m wondering if I should try to duplicate part of the image along the inside edge to make it more seamless. What would you advise?


    • Smogranch says:

      Sorry for delay, I don’t monitor this site after building the new one. Very little is lost in magazine. Do a test copy at the minimum page count and use it as an experiment.

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