Facing Change: Danny Wilcox Frazier

I met Danny Wilcox Frazier a few months ago at the Look3 Festival in Virginia. We spent a grand total of about five minutes talking but he came across as a very driven and personable guy. Nice to see he is a part of the Facing Change crew. The film below will give you a little background on what he does and how he works. As you will see, some really nice photographs here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Danny. I believe that’s an M-6 he’s using. After he made an image I saw him advance the frame. Yea film, great piece.

  2. Jason Timmis says:

    Wow! There is a guy that is very attuned to his subjects and it really comes through in the images. Thanks for sharing.

  3. LionelB says:

    That a collective like Facing Change exists and is doing this great work restores some of my optimism. Danny advocates engagement and commitment in photography. So different from drive by shooting.
    The images in his colleague Brenda Ann Kenneally’s series New Kids on the Block are astonishing. Women discussing crochet while doing crack. A reminder that the world is simple but by no means obvious.

  4. I’m really glad that someone as talented as him is telling this story. Great images,Great story.

  5. Jon Soucy says:

    His work is indeed pretty awesome. If you think that is sickly good, check out his work focusing on Iowa– Driftless: Stories from Iowa–which can be seen here: http://www.mediastorm.com/publication/driftless-stories-from-iowa

    Some amazing visual storytelling. Though, block out a good 40 minutes or so to go through it all.

  6. Malina says:

    Beautifully said and photographed. Thank you for sharing

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